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    The First Time Someone Asked Julia Roberts For An Autograph She Was On The Toilet

    "My hands are...busy!"

    Julia Roberts has been a Hollywood staple for so long at this point that her career could legally rent a car if it were a person.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    But what about way back when that career was but an infant, a wee toddler that couldn't even tie its own shoes yet?

    The Samuel Goldwyn Company

    That era was the site of the first time Julia Roberts was recognized as a movie star by a stranger in public — she just happened to be....indisposed at the time.


    "I was in the bathroom, and a voice suddenly said 'Girl in stall number one, were you in Mystic Pizza?' and suddenly a pen and piece of paper went [under the stall]."


    "I said '...Uh-huh! My hands are...busy!'"


    You handled this well, Julia.

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