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Maisie Williams Has A YouTube Channel Now And She Brought Sophie Turner

Yes, take us directly to here.

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Rejoice, friends, for Maisie Williams has blessed us with glorious news.

Maisie Williams / Via

The Game Of Thrones star has launched her own YouTube channel to grace the rest of us with her own random moments of madness.

Maisie Williams / Via

She's already treated us to behind the scenes glimpses of Game Of Thrones — including which scene made her cry.

As well as some behind the scenes nitty-gritty of becoming a YouTuber.

Editing my vid when..... Dat face when u need to sneeze


Perhaps most glorious, though, was a surprise cameo by her onscreen sister Sophie Turner.

Maisie Williams / Via

In short: There's a lot to look forward to.

Maisie Williams / Via

You can watch Williams' first bout of random madness here.

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