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17 Reasons We Still Want To Live In The Movie "Practical Magic"

I will never stop lusting after the life this movie presented.

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9. And you will literally never convince me that that margarita scene doesn't make you want to get up and dance with your entire house. At midnight.

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11. Sure, it also acknowledged that sometimes shit can get really ugly – but it also showed how a support system can combat that.

There's always going to be a shitty side. But the Owens sisters showed us the true love #goals in this movie. (Disclaimer: Legally I feel I should tell you not to murder anyone.)


15. In this fictional life our magic would from time to time result in some ~drama~, but it wouldn't be as stressful as it is on all those superhero shows.

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It'd mostly be small, ethically questionable charms and the ability to jump off the roof unharmed on Halloween.