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    Sep 29, 2015

    Jessica Williams And Phoebe Robinson Are Asking Hollywood To Shift Its Default

    "People want to see new, interesting stories from new, interesting voices."

    Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are two funny women who are often looked to as the future of comedy.

    And these two are taking notes on what Hollywood is — and what Hollywood could be. As Williams told the Huffington Post, "for the past few years in cinema, it’s been mostly white stories and it’s been sort of the same things recycled."

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    From Late Night, to the Oscars, to comedy schools, Hollywood has been called out for lackings in representation pretty frequently.

    The @VanityFair Titans of Late Night picture was haunting me so I fell into an IMDb rabbit hole & made an infographic

    "[Black women] are literally everywhere," Robinson told the Huffington Post. "And people are just choosing not to…have us in mind.

    Robinson commented on often being the only black woman on a set: "It’s ridiculous I’m the only one because I know 3,500 hilarious women of color that you’re ignoring."

    Williams continued the train of thought on Twitter.

    Because we are both black AND female we are often overlooked for those very reasons.

    I used the word overlooked because often the racism is not overt. In liberal TV/H-wood it's about the EASIEST path; A straight white male.

    "People want to see new, interesting stories from new, interesting voices,” Williams said.

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