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    17 Things You Might Get If You're A PoC Fan Of Marvel

    *Whispers* just give us Kamala in the MCU.

    1. Cosplay is a powerful art form that you allows you to make iconic characters your own.

    2. T'Challa hasn't even made his MCU debut yet but you've been bowing down since the day they told you he was comin'.

    3. The fanart and fanfic are never not lit when you get a bunch of PoC hype enough and frustrated enough at the same time.

    4. The days Miles Morales and Kamala Khan were first announced should be national holidays.

    5. And you spend your life praying that they'll include your comics faves in the MCU before you've died of old age.

    6. Because you're intimately acquainted with the differences between the comics and the MCU RE: representation of people who aren't white guys named Chris.

    7. And while the Marvel Chrises may rock, you know you just have to open your eyes to see SO MANY MORE OPTIONS.

    8. And a world with Sana Amanat in charge of the MCU would be a sweet world indeed.

    9. Until that day, you steel yourself before clicking on casting announcements just in case they whitewashed one of your faves again.

    10. You've had to explain privilege theory to strangers so many times you could write a damn textbook.

    11. But you know it's worth the fight, because you know how amazing it can be when Marvel commits to doing good.

    12. For now you cling to the people of color who do get to exist onscreen and pray they don't die.

    13. And you flex every time your faves get to do their thing.

    14. There's nothing like finding that community of PoC fans who know what's up.

    15. We've got this handled even if the MCU itself is lagging behind.

    16. To quote Beyonce, we ~twirl on them haters~.

    17. And we know the future belongs to us.