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    13 "Gilmore Girls" Storylines The Fans Demand To See In The Revival

    We asked the BuzzFeed community to tell us what they envision for the eventual return of Gilmore Girls. Here's what they want.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they envision for the eventual return of Gilmore Girls. Here's what they want.

    1. Emily Gilmore entered a new and unexpected chapter of her life after Richard died.

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    "Since you can't bring back Richard (RIP), I think it would be great to honor him by allowing Emily to have moved on and actually find love with another woman." – Katie Lee

    "I want to see Emily as a widow. I really hope she gets in touch with her wild side, and that we see Lorelai telling her mom to calm down for a change." – aishaszahir456

    2. Kirk has usurped rulership of Stars Hollow from Taylor but is still, you know, super Kirk-y.

    Warner Bros.

    "I want to see Taylor training Kirk to take over being town selectman and all his over businesses so he can retire." – kayteej2

    "Kirk is now the "Taylor" of Stars Hollow, but you can still find him working at the red theater, the arcade, the beauty supply, and he still sells reality and jewelry on the side." – taylord475996e6d

    3. That gig on the Obama trail put Rory in the perfect position to become the journalistic HBIC she's been dreaming of since she was a little girl.

    Warner Bros.

    "Rory is kicking butt and taking names as a respected reporter who doesn't even think about all the lesser boys she dated in the original series." - Ben Alexander

    "Rory finishes up her stint covering the Obama campaign. Once it ends, she gives the New York Times another shot, and it works out for her this time around. She’s stoked, because Lane is living in up and coming Williamsburg with Zack and the twins so they still see each other all the time." – jessicas73

    "Rory as a BuzzFeed political reporter anyone?" – Alp Ozcelik

    4. Or maybe things aren't going exactly as planned for Rory, because sometimes it's life's curveballs that make things interesting.

    Warner Bros.

    "Rory works at Fox News and HAAATES it. Her life starts to spin out of control when she straight up LOSES IT on a right wing pundit during a live broadcast." - Dustin Adair

    "Wouldn’t it be amazing if we find that she had experienced a bit of real life by realizing that her dream job is not everything she wanted it to be and that that fact is okay? Perhaps instead of becoming a foreign correspondent she ends up being a novelist or a literary reviewer or something like that." – mccallsam56

    5. Jess has finally matured into a man fit for Stars Hollow.

    Warner Bros.

    "Jess is a best selling author living in New York. He visits Stars Hollow often to see Liz, TJ, and Doula." –shannas46b27b15c

    "I think that Jess is the perfect fit for Rory. If her career skyrocketed like everyone knows it probably did, she needs someone that can move at the drop of a hat with her and be excited to do it." - Amanda Joan

    "Rory met up with Jess on her tour following Obama around the country they kept in touch for a year or so afterwards nothing serious. Jess is an editor at a music magazine, Rory a writer for the Times." - taylord475996e6d

    6. Babette and Miss Patty discovered blogging and have used it to their means, because gossip's gotta keep up with the 21st Century and they probably can't eavesdrop on people's landlines anymore.

    Warner Bros.

    7. Lorelai's inn remains a smashing success, because Rory learned those HBIC skills from somewhere and it wasn't all Emily and Richard.

    Warner Bros.

    "Luke and Lorelei reconciled briefly after the finale episode, but Lorelei actually got an offer to make her inn into a franchise, and all of her traveling as well as a foray into public speaking on her success as a single mother put a strain on their relationship forcing them to break up again." – jenp4ebe2f260

    "Luke and Lorelai are together, and this time it’s not weird. They don’t live together, though. April comes over when Lorelai is around and it’s all good. Lorelai also begins to entertain the possibility of refurbishing an old building in Boston to open a second Dragonfly Inn location." – jessicas73

    8. Luke and Lorelai remain an interesting and dynamic pair, no matter where they are in their relationship.

    Warner Bros.

    "I like the idea of Luke and Lorelai being in a relationship but not married, kind of common law marriage sort of thing. Lorelai’s personality isn’t suited for marriage. Christopher should make an appearance, but not as a romantic interest for Lorelei, just as a dad to Rory." – mccallsam56

    "Luke and Lorelai are definitely married and live in her house that they remodeled together. It was a simple but classy wedding, Richard walked her down the aisle and Christopher wasn't there. They have a daughter." –shannas46b27b15c

    9. Wherever they are, Paris and Doyle are taking over the world one startlingly intense day at a time.

    Warner Bros.

    "Paris should be with Doyle being co-editors for the New York Times." – mgpurser26

    "Paris is a successful doctor and Doyle is a respected columnist." – r4845b8f89

    10. Lane and Zach have successfully juggled their twins and their dreams and carved out a pretty cool adulthood.

    Warner Bros.

    "By this time, Lane and Zack have also got a moderately successful indie band preparing for SXSW. They’ve opened for the band that opened for Tame Impala. They’re about to make it (in a non sell-out way)." – jessicas73

    "I just want to know that lane and Zachariah progressed from never having sex because it was bad one time, to having a normal and healthy relationship. Lane got the bad end of the stick as the show ended. #justiceforlanekim" – kodiet

    "Lane is an amazing mom, raising her boys in Stars Hallow, channeling her inner Lorelei and being the cool rockstar mom." – toric495324c30

    11. Sookie and Jackson are still going strong as the king and queen of fine New England cuisine.

    Warner Bros.

    "Sookie and Jackson living the dream, having a bunch of kids and successful produce business and chef." – mrsbackstreet

    12. Christopher has chilled out in his middle age and made amends.

    Warner Bros.

    "Christopher should make an appearance, but not as a romantic interest for Lorelei, just as a dad to Rory." – mccallsam56

    "Christopher shows up somewhere along the line but doesn't ruin anything for anybody, for once in his life." – Molly Hoffmaster

    13. And Dean has disappeared.

    Warner Bros.

    "Dean should have worked it out with Lindsay and moved far away." – mgpurser26

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