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Is It Marvel Or DC Who Owns Your Soul?

Let's do this.

Yes, Batman and Superman are fighting. Yep, Captain America and Iron Man will soon fight as well.*

Warner Bros.
Marvel Studios

*Can't we all just get along?

But this is bigger than them. There is a larger war here between DC and Marvel, and it's been raging for decades.

20th Century Fox

Some are here for the generally dark, gritty landscape of DC's universes.

Warner Bros.

Some are here for the generally more colorful, rompy Marvel milieu.

Marvel Entertainment

Spanning comics, TV, movies, and more, it's one of the most divisive and ever-shifting wars the entertainment legion has ever seen.

Warner Bros.

And we have to settle it.

  1. Which owns your heart?

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Which owns your heart?
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Tell us your thoughts in the comments. We know you have them.

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