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The "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Cast Reunited And It Feels So Good

It's almost like they've...time warped back into our lives. I'm so sorry.

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A whole bunch of exciting reunions are gracing the pages of Entertainment Weekly this week. Among them? THE MOTHERFUCKING ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, only the most cult-classic cult classic OF ALL TIME.

Entertainment Weekly / Via

It's been 40 years since the release of the iconic movie. AND LOOK AT THEM.


Tim Curry, who played Dr. Frank-N-Furter, is now 69. When Rocky Horror was filmed he was 29.

NBC / 20th Century Fox

Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick, who played Brad and Janet, are now 69 and 70 respectively. They were 29 and 30 when the movie was originally filmed.

They reminisced about the ups and downs — including the time Sarandon got pneumonia from set conditions.

Patricia Quinn and Meat Loaf, who played Magenta and Eddie Ex, are 71 and 68 respectively. They were 31 and 28 during the making of the classic.


But if anything's immortal, it's definitely Rocky Horror.

You can watch the full video from the Today show here and see more photos from their reunion in this week's Entertainment Weekly.

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