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Here's The Leonardo DiCaprio Movie We Should Really Be Talking About

Forget The Revenant, it's all about The Man In the Iron Mask.

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With the exception of Titanic, seminal classic The Man In the Iron Mask is clearly the most important film Leo has ever graced with his presence.

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I mean, come on, Leo plays TWINS. One of whom is King Louis XIV.

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Or, rather, Draco Malfoy fan fiction of King Louis XIV. The other twin is some dude named Philippe, Louis' brother who at one point...also becomes King Louis XIV.


And in which all of the actors talk in, just, like, their native accents? Except for Gabriel Byrne for some reason?

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Gerard Depardieu has a French accent because he's Gerard Depardieu. John Malkovich has an American accent. Jeremy Irons has a British accent. And Gabriel Byrne is Irish but does an English accent I guess because he can?

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