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    14 Ways Donald Trump Embodies Every Bad Stereotype Of Millennials

    Number 1: He expects to start at the highest position in a career field in which he has no experience or training.

    Whatever stereotypes you may hold about millennials, there's one thing that's clear: they don't like Donald Trump.

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    A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that people aged 18-34 favored Hillary Clinton over Trump by a margin of practically 2 to 1.

    What's more, some 61% of those surveyed said they had a "strongly unfavorable" opinion of the Republican nominee.

    What makes these abysmal numbers so ironic is that Trump embodies almost every single negative stereotype you've ever heard about millennials. Here's why...

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    1. He expects to start at the highest position in a career field in which he has no experience or training.

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    2. His social media activity constantly gets his company in trouble.

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    3. He is completely incapable of taking criticism. If you criticize him, you will hear about it for weeks.

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    4. He suffers from an acute sense of entitlement.

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    5. He complains profusely on social media if he feels he's been treated "unfairly."

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    6. He confuses fame and celebrity with respect and authority.

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    7. He has a hot take on every issue, even when he knows nothing about the topic.

    8. He has a poor sense of professional attire, choosing to incorporate items like trucker hats with overly-large suits and shirts with unbuttoned collars.

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    9. He has no clue about how the government works.

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    10. He relies on his parents for large loans well into adulthood.

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    11. He can't seem to settle down and prefers to have multiple relationships.

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    12. He doesn't know history and shows no interest in learning.

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    13. He assumes that his social media following is a good measure of how much people like him.

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    14. And finally, he takes pictures of his meals and uploads them as if his friends cared.


    Alan Noble is the editor-in-chief of the website Christ and Pop Culture and an assistant professor of English at Oklahoma Baptist University.

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