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I Watched Celebrity Home Tours, And Here Are The 27 Weirdest Things I Found In Each Celebrity’s Home

John Stamos and Neil Patrick Harris both have pieces from Disney's Haunted Mansion ride.

1. Zedd’s $16M modern California mansion has full-length glass windows, an art gallery, but most importantly, his own personal Skittles dispenser:

Zedd with his Skittles dispenser in his house

2. Emma Chamberlain has quite a few funky features in her Los Angeles home, including a peanut butter jar painting, Beatles-themed Russian dolls, and outdoor corn-on-the-cob tables:

Emma Chamberlain showing off her eclectic decor

3. Cara Delevingne has both a secret vagina tunnel and a room called "The Pussy Palace" in her LA home:

Cara Delevingne showing AD her vagina tunnel and pink room

4. Sheryl Crow’s Nashville property features endless oddities and antiques, including traditional death masks, which were created after people passed on. In this case, she has former president William McKinley and former president William Howard Taft's death masks on display in her in-house saloon:

former president William McKinley and former president William Howard Taft death masks

5. Dita Von Teese's maximalist home features a taxidermy collection, a vintage feather collection, and a room filled with her high heels and shoes:

A taxidermy big cat, Dita in her shoe room, and a feather collection

6. Robert Downey Jr.'s most fascinating feature isn't necessarily inside his Hamptons home, but is his home itself, which is a 19th-century windmill converted into a house:

Robert Downey Jr.'s windmill home in the Hamptons

7. Debby Ryan and Josh Dun's "treehouse fantasy" home in Columbus, Ohio features many things that look like other things, like a tortilla blanket and baguette pillow. They also have a bust of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

Tortilla blanket, baguette pillow, and a bust of Dwayne The Rock Johnson


Stool or table that looks like corn-on-the-cob

9. Moving along, on his bedside table in his Calabasas home, Travis Barker's mom's rosary sits next to this tribute candle to Kourtney Kardashian Barker:

A candle that reads "this smells like Kourtney's orgasm"

10. Rainn Wilson's home in Southern California includes "collectible gas station art" complete with bullet holes:

A massive pegasus from Mobil Gas hanging in Rainn Wilson's home

11. His house also includes a pig farm and barn, which they call "The Pig Palace."

Rainn Wilson's pig palace and pigs, Amy and Snorty

12. John Stamos has an entire Disney collection at his $5.8M Beverly Hills house, which includes a big Disney "D", a Grumpy car from the Snow White ride at Disney World, a can-can doll from the "It's a Small World" ride, a pirate from the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and a gargoyle from the Haunted Mansion ride:

John Stamos' Disney collection

13. Neil Patrick Harris's Harlem brownstone with his husband David Burtka also has a piece of art from Disney's Haunted Mansion ride, which he called his "prized possession."

Neil Patrick Harris in his home with a painting from the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World

14. They also have a "monkey bar," which is decorated with taxidermy monkeys:

The monkey bar which features four taxidermied monkeys

15. Kacey Musgraves has a framed joint from Willie Nelson on display in her Nashville home:

Framed joint from Willie Nelson

16. Amanda Seyfried has multiple displays of toilet art in her New York City apartment:

Amanda's three pieces of toilet art that she has in her home

17. Like many New Yorkers, Chloe Fineman takes advantage of any opportunity for storage by keeping her wigs in the oven:

Chloe showing AD that she keeps her wigs in her oven

18. RuPaul's Old Hollywood-inspired Beverly Hills home has "a disco room" complete with 26 disco balls:

The disco room and disco balls

19. And let's take a moment to admire his very extra, but very RuPaul drag closet (he also has a separate "man" closet):

RuPaul's drag closet, which features shoe walls, accessories displays, and dressed mannequins

20. Wiz Khalifa's $4.6M Sherman Oaks home is complete with his own personal dab bar:

Wiz Khalifa standing at his dab bar and showing AD his joint roller that can roll 100 joints at a time

21. Terry Crews keeps his own "office" in downtown LA, also dubbed his man cave, which is complete with memorabilia and knick-knacks both personal and professional, like boxing gloves signed by Sugar Ray Robinson, a custom gaming PC with a stick of Old Spice deodorant inside, and Darth Vader wallpaper:

Terry Crews showing his many collectibles

22. Demi Lovato has a "shroom room" complete with a cloud chandelier that changes colors to the beat of music:

Demi Lovato's shroom room

23. Lenny Kravitz keeps a fully-working farm at his "farm compound" in Brazil:

Lenny Kravitz on his lush working farm in Brazil

24. Kerry Washington has a double living room in her New York City apartment — one side faces views of the Hudson River and the other faces the TV:

Kerry Washington's two sofas/double living room setup

25. Ashley Tisdale had her husband buy 400 books to fill her bookshelf a few days before Architectural Digest came to tour her LA home:

Ashley Tisdale standing next to her bookshelf

26. Tan France has an entire closet just to store candles:

Tan France showing AD his candle closet

27. And lastly, J Balvin stores nearly 850 sneakers in his color-coordinated shoe closet:

J Balvin's shoe wall organized by color