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    People Keep Speculating About A One Direction Reunion, So Here's Exactly What Each Member Has Said About A Comeback

    "This new [groupchat] is definitely louder than most, and it's been great. I'm sure if I had a look at my phone in a few minutes I'd see some messages..."

    As a former One Direction stan, I practically jump out of my seat anytime rumors crop up about the band coming together again. But they pop up A LOT, and at this point, it's almost cruel how often interviewers ask about a reunion.

    But in recent months, talks of a reunion have looked slightly more promising. I'm not saying it's happening anytime soon, but as Harry Styles said, "Never say never." So here’s what each member of 1D has recently said about the possibility of reuniting:

    When asked about a One Direction reunion on the last episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden back in April, Harry said, "I would never say never to that...If there was a time when we all felt that was what we wanted to do, then I don't see why we wouldn't," which sparked a roaring applause from the crowd.

    Harry Styles with James Corden and Will Ferrell

    After Harry dropped this teensy bit of hope, Niall Horan, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, said "there hasn't been a conversation" yet, but "I'm sure if there ever is one, you'll know about it." He added, "I agree with Harry. Same thing as he said."

    Niall Horan sits down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight

    And in May after both these interviews, when asked when the band will get back together at a boxing match in Wembley Arena, Liam Payne said, "I don't know, but we just started a new group chat, so..."


    One Direction has just started a new group chat!! @liampayne exclusive with Delicious TV #onedirection #onedirectionreunion

    ♬ original sound - Derek Chisora 🥊
    @derekwarchisora / Via
    Then, Niall Horan told E! News that they've "had three or four group chats" over the years, but their new one is very active. "Some of them have been more quiet than others. This new one is definitely louder than most, and it's been great. I'm sure if I had a look at my phone in a few minutes I'd see some messages."

    Active group chats are a good sign, but in terms of a reunion, Niall set the record straight in an interview last week with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1 to promote his new album. He said, "It’s just like the conversation hasn’t happened. It’s a great legacy to have. No, I don’t think it sucks the air out the room. It’s more, the answer’s still the same."

    Niall Horan sits down with Zane Lowe

    Louis Tomlinson has commented on a reunion a few times — most recently, he told The Times in February 2023 that “getting back together at some point is hard to imagine right now, but I’d be surprised if we lived out our lives and didn’t have a moment where we had a reunion...I’d be up for that.”

    Louis Tomlinson in an interview with "Hits 1" at the SiriusXM Studios in September 2022

    As for Zayn, he's been reluctant to discuss One Direction since he left the band early in March 2015 (One Direction went on an indefinite hiatus later that year).

    Zayn performing in 2016

    Things might be looking up, though. In August of 2022, Zayn posted a 30-second clip of him singing the band's song "Night Changes," which was one of the few times he acknowledged his former band positively since the split.

    Looks like we'll still have to wait patiently for a comeback, but I'm loving that the bandmates are chatting and not saying no to a reunion. In the meantime, I'll keep supporting their solo careers and streaming Niall's new album, The Show.

    When do you think One Direction will reunite publicly? Would you attend a reunion tour? Let me know in the comments below!