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    17 Debbie Downer Facts To Whip Out At The Next Party You Go To

    The world is awful and it's time to acknowledge that.

    1. Milk doesn’t build strong bones. If you’re a woman, it actually weakens them.

    2. Two dogs were killed during the Salem witch trials along with all the humans.

    3. Rectal feeding was once a valid medical practice and not just, uh, torture.

    4. The Curiosity Rover sings happy birthday to itself every year it's on Mars.

    5. Native Americans have only been US citizens for 93 years.

    6. “Penis fencing” exists and it is as unsexy as it sounds.

    7. If you're a cow in the European Union, you may be making more bank than actual humans.

    8. The lake from that iconic Dirty Dancing scene no longer exists.

    9. Baby tiger sharks eat their siblings in utero.

    10. Dr. Seuss's wife killed herself because he cheated on her while she had cancer.

    11. There is a whale called "the loneliest whale in the world" because it sings in a different frequency than other whales, meaning it can hear them, but they can't hear it.

    12. Bees can get depressed.

    13. That fresh-cut grass smell is actually a distress signal because the grass is going through trauma.

    14. When you put dirty underwear in the laundry, the rest of your clothes get contaminated with fecal matter.

    15. The corpses of about 200 failed climbers on Mount Everest are used as guide points for climbers on their way up.

    16. Pluto didn't get to make one whole orbit of the sun in the time between its discovery in 1930 and its demotion in 2006.

    17. Scientists accidentally killed the world's oldest animal when they discovered it in 2006.