13 Things Humans Used To Believe About Sex That I'm Sorry I Made You Read

    Who needs Viagra when you have sparrow brains?

    1. Erections were caused by flatulence.

    2. Women could drain the "lifeblood" from men by having sex while menstruating.

    3. Throwing an egg at your wife was a way to wish her a good childbirth.

    4. Even when married, you could still go to hell for having sex.

    5. Nobility thought their purity would be marred by any kind of sexual activity in the air.

    6. If you had sex and then rode a horse, like, a lot of bad things could happen to you.

    7. If you want to keep your man, add some menstrual blood to his food.

    8. Any woman who gave a soldier a venereal disease was legally a prostitute.

    9. Girls who masturbated would have small boobs and deformed babies.

    10. Women who masturbated were also at risk of becoming suicidal.

    11. Eating sparrow brains could improve your sex life.

    12. Foot binding was shorthand for good sex.

    13. You could have sex, even in the afterlife.