17 Celebrity Pets That Will Make You Say, "Wow WTF?"

    But more importantly, what exactly is a wallaroo???

    Note: We don't recommend that you run out and get an exotic pet. Some of these animals have very specific needs that owners were ultimately unable to meet, or were traded on the black market. We're just delving into the minds of the rich and the famous for your internet browsing pleasure.

    1. Michael Jackson's chimp

    2. Justin Bieber's monkey

    3. George Clooney's pot-bellied pig

    4. Mike Tyson's tigers

    5. Slash's pythons

    6. Elvis Presley's wallaby

    7. Paris Hilton's kinkajou

    8. Phyllis Gordon's cheetah

    9. Tom Felton's chinchilla

    10. Reese Witherspoon's donkeys

    11. Salvador Dalí's ocelot

    12. Leonardo DiCaprio's tortoise

    13. Kirstie Alley's lemurs

    14. Audrey Hepburn's deer

    15. Nicolas Cage's cobras

    16. Martha Stewart's peacocks

    17. Vanilla Ice's wallaroo