Audrey Hepburn Had A Pet Deer Named Pippin

    Who knew? This is delightful.

    Audrey met Pippin while shooting the 1959 movie Green Mansions.

    The animal trainer on set suggested that Audrey take the deer home with her as a pet so they could bond.

    And bond, they did. Ip, as she was called for short, was very affectionate, and snuggled up to Audrey when they were sleeping.

    “It was truly amazing to see Audrey with that fawn. While Audrey’s maid had been told about the little deer, she could not believe her eyes seeing Ip sleeping with Audrey so calmly. She was shaking her head and just kept smiling.” -Remembering Audrey

    If Audrey's fawn is any indication, deer make awesome party companions.

    I mean, really, what could be cuter?