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    The Hottest Dudes On Brazil's World Cup Team

    Brazil is supposed to win the World Cup, so you should probably familiarize yourself. Warning: there is a lot of unfortunate facial hair going on in Brazil. (Part 2 in a continuing series. Also: learn about soccer and stuff here.)

    • Kaká

      Vital Stats: Age:28 Position: Midfielder Plays for: Real Madrid Marital Status: married :(

    • Maicon

      Vital Stats: Age:28 Position: Defender Plays for: Internazionale, in Italy Marital Status: unclear but probably has a girlfriend because look at that

    • Michel Bastos

      Vital Stats: Age:26 Position: Midfielder Plays for: Lyon, in France Marital Status: unclear

    • Grafite

      Vital Stats: Age: 31 Position: Forward Plays for: VfL Wolfsburg Marital Status: unclear

    • Blumer Elano

      Vital Stats: Age: 28 Position: Midfielder Plays for: Galatasaray Marital Status: married

    • Nilmar

      Vital Stats: Age: 25 Position: Forward Plays for: Villarreal Marital Status: married

    • Juan

      Vital Stats: Age: 31 Position: Defender Plays for: AS Roma Marital Status: unclear