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    The Hottest Dudes of Skiing

    In our continued effort to prepare readers for the Olympic Hottie Parade, here is a list of male skiers to watch for. You might also learn something about competitive skiing, if you know as little as I did.

    • 1. Aksel Lund Svindal

      Aksel is a 28-year-old Norwegian skier who's twice won the Alpine Skiing World Cup (this means winning a shitload of different races throughout the season). His blog does not show any evidence of a serious girlfriend (or wife). He'll probably win a medal or two in Vancouver.

    • 2. Benjamin Raich

      Benjie here won two gold medals in Turin (the slalom and the Giant slalom) and two bronzes in Salt Lake. He is 31, Austrian, and unfortunately engaged to fellow skier Marlies Schild.

    • 3. Steve Omischl

      Steve is one of the crazy freestyle skiers (which, FYI, includes mogul skiing as well as the aerial acrobatic skiing that Steve does. Ski jumping is different). He is 31 and Canadian; marital status unclear.

    • 4. Bode Miller

      Bode is our obligatory Team America nominee. He could use a shave and an oxygen tank, but he looks ok shirtless.

    • 5. Martin Schmitt

      Everyone loves a dreamy blue-eyed comeback! Martin is a big deal in Germany, having won a silver in Nagano ('98, kids) and gold in Salt Lake for ski jumping. After an 8-year year drought, he medaled at the 2009 World Championships and qualified for his 4th straight Olympics. He appears to have a girlfriend.

    • 6. Wolfgang Loitzl

      Wolfie is an Austrian ski-jumper who has won basically everything except an Olympic medal in his 13-year career. He is married and has kids (sorry).