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    18 Times Men Actually Had The Audacity

    I'm disappointed but not surprised.

    1. This man shot his shot on a woman's ANNIVERSARY:

    2. This man actually gave this reason for not replacing the toilet paper:

    3. This man seriously showed up to a potluck and served THIS:

    4. This man was really gonna risk it all for his ex:

    5. This man took his own interpretation to his sister's words:

    I told my brother he can eat half of my grapes

    6. This man is hopefully single now:

    7. This man told someone he wouldn't share his Disney+ account in the most EXTRA way possible:

    So I tried finessing this guy into sharing his Disney+ account with me and this is what he sends me 😭

    8. This delivery man had a bit of an attitude:

    my ubereats delivery man decided to be a smart ass......

    9. This man, I — er — don't even have words for actually:

    10. This man seriously got in a coffin just to make a point to his class:

    Lmaooo 💀😂 my professor really brought a mf coffin to class to say “yall test scores had me dead”

    11. This man really expected someone to compete with his girlfriend:

    12. This man was clearly a stranger to subtlety:

    13. This man dragged his girlfriend's new phone selfie:

    14. This man made an unlikely comparison to his girlfriend and a Spongebob character:

    Thought I looked cute as hell today and my boyfriend told me I look like Pinhead Larry

    15. This man shot his shot with 38 women at the same. Damn. Time!!!:

    16. This man on Tinder should've just shut the hell up:

    17. This man compared someone's ethnicity to a Disney princess:

    18. And this man gave his partner a sympathy card for Valentine's day, because, ya know, masculinity or whatever 🙄: