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    18 Characters Who Randomly Vanished From TV Shows As If They Were Never There

    And they thought we wouldn't notice.

    We recently asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what character from a TV show suddenly disappeared. Here are some of the characters who went missing, but people still remember:

    1. Mutt Schitt from Schitt’s Creek


    "I thought they’d at least bring Mutt back for the finale, but no, he just evaporated."


    2. Nicole Bristow from Zoey 101


    "She was sent to a different school because of 'Obsessive Male Gender Disorder,' but Zoey says that Nicole will come back. She never does and eventually the group stops mentioning her altogether as if Nicole never existed."


    3. Kendra Mason, Spinner's adopted sister, from Degrassi: The Next Generation


    "Toby also had a thing for her then poof...gone."


    4. Jenny Kelly, Sabrina's best friend, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

    ABC / The WB

    "I have questions."


    5. Miles Goodman, Sabrina's college roommate, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

    ABC / The WB

    "He is never mentioned or seen again after Season 6 when Sabrina graduates college."


    6. Robin Sylvester, Sue's daughter, from Glee


    "She was literally in like one episode and that's it."


    7. Dave Rygalski from Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    "He left for college in California and he and Lane were doing long distance, but after the marriage jug episode he was never mentioned again. He wasn't even mentioned when Lane started dating Zach, one of Dave’s best friends."


    8. Eric Tramer, Jessie Spano's stepbrother, from Saved by the Bell


    "He was there for all of one episode if I recall."

    9. Sarah Spooner, Carrie's sister, from The King of Queens


    "Carrie had a sister in the earliest episodes. She was part of the main cast and lived in the house with them. It was also a double-meaning for the show’s title, as Kevin James was the 'king' and Carrie and Sara were the 'queens.' She disappeared by the seventh episode and is totally wiped from the history of the show. From then on, Carrie is treated like an only child."


    10. Mike Montgomery, Aria's brother, from Pretty Little Liars


    "He disappeared and didn't even show up to Aria's wedding."


    11. Isaac Lahey from Teen Wolf


    "He was there at the end of Season 3 and then never was shown again."


    12. Danny from Teen Wolf


    "They dropped the bombshell he knew about all the supernatural stuff and then he’s never mentioned again because the show's creator felt there wasn’t anything more they could do with his character? Like what?"


    13. Detective Daniels from Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    "She was introduced in the pilot along with Hitchcock and Scully but was never seen again."


    14. Santiago Herrera from Friday Night Lights


    "I had to go back when I was watching because I thought I missed something, but no, poof, he's gone."


    15. Austin Britt, Edie's nephew, from Desperate Housewives


    "He leaves after getting Danielle pregnant but there’s no mention of him after his aunt Edie dies? Also, he’s on Wisteria Lane at the same time as Edie's son, Travers, but they never interact? It’s very strange."

    Kora Carstairs

    16. Evan Mayer, Carl's son, from Desperate Housewives


    "His mom left them and Evan was very upset and made disturbing drawings. Then Carl died in the plane crash. Later we see that Julie is given some money and Susan got shares in his strip club but no one mentioned the poor little kid, like, ever!"


    17. Violet and Oliver Plunkett, Christy's kids, on Mom.


    "She acted as if she didn't have any children. They brought Violet for one episode last season and Roscoe went to live with dad full-time but they never address it."


    18. And Mandy Hampton from The West Wing


    "She's the queen of disappearing from shows. When her character went away, the term 'Mandyville' was coined."


    What other character's from a TV randomly disappeared? Let us know in the comments!

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