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    31 TV Couples People Stanned But Then Ended Up Hating

    Some ships just end up sinking.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what TV couples they loved at first but ended up hating. Here are their interesting and controversial replies:

    Warning: This post includes mentions of sexual assault.

    1. Carrie and Big from Sex and the City

    Carrie and Big getting back together

    "In the beginning of the show, I always thought Big was so charming and mature. It seemed like he helped complete Carrie's New York City experience. They ended up becoming an awful couple and Carrie needed someone who treated her as a priority."


    2. Mindy and Danny from The Mindy Project

    Mindy and Danny
    Fox / Hulu

    "I don’t like that they got back together when Danny couldn't support a woman being a working mom."


    3. Howard and Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory

    Howard and Bernadette sitting on a couch

    "They were cute in the beginning, but starting in Season 8, Bernadette became a bully and made that relationship toxic."


    4. Peyton and Lucas from One Tree Hill

    The WB / The CW

    "The show did Lindsey bad, and in the end their relationship was just a toxic mess."


    5. Piper and Alex from Orange Is the New Black

    Alex and Piper arguing on the phone

    "I shipped them at the beginning and eventually realized how toxic they were for each other."


    6. Eleven and Mike from Stranger Things

    Eleven and Mike

    "I know they're still young, but in Season 1 it was so sweet seeing how flustered Mike got around her. Then, when they actually got together in Season 3, the charm of them dating totally faded. They were just obnoxious and off-putting. They constantly ditched their friends and were rude to Hopper."


    7. Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries

    Damon telling Elena he loves her
    The CW

    "The buildup and passion was great, but once they got together, they became toxic and they just didn't care about anybody else except each other."


    8. Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl

    Blair telling Chuck she is going to kiss someone after their breakup
    The CW

    "At first I thought they were okay and that they were gonna get better, but they didn’t and only got more toxic."


    9. Meredith and Derek from Grey's Anatomy

    Derek calling Meredith selfish for not prioritizing his career

    "Derek was so great in the beginning, but when Addison arrived, he became such a jerk and continuously put Meredith down. When he chose Addy, the shooting when he completely dismissed Meredith's trauma, when his patient died and he went off into the woods and hit Mer’s engagement ring with a baseball bat, the clinical trial fiasco, and right before he died when he prioritized his career above his family. Sorry, Derek was plain trash."


    "Back in the day, I was all for McDreamy, but rewatching Grey's now I see how crappy Derek was to her. He never took ownership over how his lies broke Meredith’s trust, refused to bend from his black or white views, and continually put all the issues in their relationship on Meredith."


    10. Veronica and Archie from Riverdale

    Archie and Veronica making out in the juvie locker room
    The CW

    "In Season 1, they were slightly cute. Then once they got together, they didn't have any character development or growth! After they dated different people, it was clear to me that Archie and Betty as a couple and Veronica and Reggie as a couple were better together."


    "At first it was cute and then they just ended up having lots of issues and their relationship was just physical."


    11. Jughead and Betty from Riverdale

    Betty and Jughead arguing about his lack of post-high school plans
    The CW

    "They were so cute and I was rooting for them the first three seasons, but Season 4 really showed how unhealthy the relationship was."


    12. Donna and Eric from That '70s Show

    Donna and Eric having a confrontation after he left her at the altar

    "At the beginning, they were this ‘Are we more than friends? 'Cause I like you’ couple. At the end, it was just all about sex and not thinking about the other, especially Eric!"


    13. Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory

    Leonard and Penny

    "In the beginning, it was cute. The shy nerd and the pretty girl. But after a while, they made Penny kind of mean and a bully toward Leonard and they made him extra whiney and annoying."

    Michael David

    14. Belle and Rumple from Once Upon a Time

    Belle and Rumple from "Once Upon a Time"

    "At first I wanted him to get better for her, but he kept betraying her trust and putting his power over her. He said he loved her and wanted to be a better man, but we had to watch him not really try for six seasons! He got there in the end, but she should not have stayed with him that long in my opinion."


    15. Connor and Oliver from How to Get Away with Murder

    Connor asking Oliver for a divorce

    "I loved them at first. They had so much chemistry, but I think Connor's character kind of gets ruined through the relationship. Oliver became the ruling part of the couple and Connor's identity fades away! I actually applauded when Connor decided to divorce Oliver when he goes to jail."


    16. Andy and Erin from The Office

    Erin throwing cake in Andy's face because she found out he hid his relationship with Angela from her

    "I genuinely loved them at the start. Their relationship even made me start to like Andy. But he ended up treating her like crap toward the end and it was so annoying 'cause she's such a sweetheart."


    "They were cute in the beginning, but then he left her to go on his boat trip and became totally toxic. She was way better with Pete."


    17. Cristina and Owen from Grey's Anatomy

    Cristina and Owen disagreeing on something and him telling her to get out

    "Owen was good for Cristina. He chose her over Teddy and he wasn't intimidated with how smart Cristina was. But after all they went through, Owen cheated on Cristina and blamed her for not having kids when she was clear from day one that she didn't want kids. From that day onward, I hated Owen and I still hate him to this day."


    18. Blaine and Kurt from Glee

    Blaine and Kurt arguing over Kurt's lack of communication skills

    "I loved Blaine in Season 2 and thought they were a great couple. Season 3, I tolerated them, but then there was so much cheating and drama. Blaine proposing to Kurt when they’d been broken up for months was stupid, especially considering it was in public."


    19. Kara and Mon-El from Supergirl

    Kara and Mon-El
    The CW

    "When I found out he lied to her and their entire relationship was full of lies, I started disliking them."


    20. Spike and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Spike saying he cares about Buffy and her replying that he shouldn't have slept with her friend
    The WB

    "They were fun but became toxic really quick and then he attempted to rape her."


    21. Amy and Jonah from Superstore

    Amy and Jonah arguing

    "Once they got together, Amy became selfish and only thought about herself. She constantly made fun of Jonah's hobbies and personality and it was always Jonah who kept putting in all the effort in their relationship. Jonah also kept accepting the blame for Amy's mistakes, which would have gotten him fired if they weren't dating!"


    22. Ann and Chris from Parks and Recreation

    Ann and Chris

    "They were kinda cute at first, but once they broke up, I was fine with that. I thought the whole thing of Chris being Ann's sperm donor and them falling in love again was a little weird."


    23. Cheryl and Toni from Riverdale

    Toni saying that she moved in with Cheryl too fast
    The CW

    "I really liked how Cheryl finally opened up when she first got together with Toni, but at the end they became thieves, Cheryl was controlling, they moved in together at 17, and Toni got herself kicked out of the Serpents because of their relationship. I just think they became so toxic and I just don’t like them anymore."


    24. Lorelai and Luke from Gilmore Girls

    Lorelai and Luke talking about how he didn't tell her he had a daughter for two months
    The WB / The CW

    "Hear me out. I still love them together, I think they made a great match. Everyone blames April when Luke decided to have a relationship with her. He stopped communicating with his partner. He would get mad at Lorelai for not knowing or later for being a better parent than him. And then she gave him an ultimatum? Ugh."


    25. Rory and Dean from Gilmore Girls

    Dean breaking up with Rory at a dance
    Warner Bros.

    "They were so cute and amazing together early in Season 1, but then Dean broke up with her after she didn’t say she loved him. He just turned into a jerk who was incredibly jealous and incredibly angry."


    26. Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf

    Lydia and Stiles

    "At the beginning, the 'will they/won’t they?' was amazing. I was wishing for them to kiss and get together, but then the writers made it so long until they got together. And then they just quickly got together."


    27. Miles and Tristan from Degrassi: The Next Generation

    Tristan saying that Miles is a manwhore

    "It was so sweet to see Tristan finally being in a relationship that he deserved, but after he invalidated Miles' bisexuality, it kind of ruined it. The toxicity of their relationship only went downhill from there."


    28. Alicia and Will from The Good Wife

    Alicia and Will

    "She goes and has a relationship with Will and it was fun at first, but then it became insufferable. It wasn't sexy or fun or anything compared to her chemistry with Peter. I loved their dynamic when they broke up."


    29. Caroline and Klaus from The Originals

    Caroline and Klaus
    The CW

    "I loved their chemistry to begin with and desperately wanted them to get together, but eventually realized there was only so much she could do to make him a better person. Ultimately, he wasn’t good enough for her."


    30. Serena and Dan from Gossip Girl

    Dan calling Serena shallow and sad
    The CW

    "In Season 1, I loved Serena and Dan. They were so adorable! Then, after I realized that Dan was an egotistical maniac, it was clear that Serena and Nate belonged together. I was so upset when Dan and Serena got married. Serenate forever!"


    31. And, of course, Ross and Rachel from Friends


    "I love them, personally, but I know a lot of people who say they loved them at first but then realized their relationship was toxic. For example, the whole 'We were on a break' thing was funny at first but they kept taking more and more 'breaks' until it became boring and clear they didn't belong together."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What TV couple did you originally love and then end up despising? Let us know in the comments.

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