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    36 Times People Proved That Common Sense Might Not Be So Common After All

    "There is no 'i' in 'happyness.'"

    1. This person who desperately needed better sex ed in their school:

    2. This person who was VERY confused about what a circumcision is:

    3. This person who thought plutonium came from Pluto: 

    4. This person who overestimated the power of metal detectors:

    5. This person who put cans in the microwave:

    6. This person who thought Xbox was a musical artist:

    7. This person who was confidently incorrect about vaginas:

    8. This person who gave contradictory instructions:

    9. This person who forgot how many days were in December:

    10. This person who was misinformed about what Ireland refers to: 

    11. This young person who thought cable television always had the option to pause:

    12. This person who had a genius idea for killing coronavirus particles on money:

    13. This person who should not enter any spelling bees:

    14. This person who thought they had a million-dollar idea:

    15. This person who used an oven like an outdoor grill:

    16. This person who thought astronomy and astrology were the same thing:

    this email i just got i can’t

    Twitter: @autiotrip

    17. This person who thought they took someone's phone and then texted them about it:

    18. This person who thought America only meant the US:

    19. This person who paid a lot of money for a pet they didn't get:

    20. This person who completely ignored the obvious place for the toilet paper:

    21. This person who baked pies without an essential ingredient:

    22. This person who thought the sinking of the Titanic was completely fictional:

    Post: Canadians really think the Titanic was a real event and not just a movie, how dumb can you be; response: I really hope you're kidding lol
    u/mandysapotatoe / Via

    23. This person who thought BareSkin condoms were _actually _made from bears:

    24. This person who thought Google was glitching:

    25. This person who kinda proved that there is such a thing as a stupid question:

    26. This person who needs to start watching the National Geographic channel more:

    27. This drunk person whose forgetfulness caused a massive mess:

    28. This person whose strongest subject in school probably wasn't geography:

    29. This person who should've taken a closer look before pouring their morning juice:

    30. This person who thought someone was throwing avocados on their lawn:

    Friend has been complaining about finding an avocado on his lawn every day for weeks now. Why would someone keep throwing avocados in his yard? Who would do that? You guys he just realized he has an avocado tree

    31. This person who hung a curtain rod over their door that ended up making it impossible to open the door:

    32. This person who should've just listened to their wife:

    33. This person who thought a good place to keep a spare key was under a mat with holes:

    34. This person who didn't know there was a synonym for "straight":

    35. This person who embarrassingly did not learn from experience:

    36. And lastly, this person who was incredibly wrong about wild life: