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    21 Really Stupid Things People Said In Complete And Utter Confidence


    Recently, Reddit user u/eljayok13 asked people, "What’s the stupidest thing someone has said to you with confidence?"


    And the responses are just as hilarious as they are disappointing. Take a look:

    1. "When I was moving to Hawaii, a friend asked if they had cars and roads there. She believed they got around using tiny boats."


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    2. "Someone once told me that smoking cigs will help treat my asthma because my lungs would be building a tolerance to the smoking and that means that I won’t have such a hard time during asthma attacks because my lungs would already be used to the strain."


    3. "That she could never use a sperm donor to have a kid because she wasn’t 100% sure that the baby would speak English."


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    4. "They laid their jacket right beside a stove and said, 'Don’t worry, it’s waterproof.'"


    5. "'You should try to incorporate cinnamon and apple cider vinegar into your diet. Then you can get off the insulin and use more natural products to control your blood sugar.' I'm a type 1 diabetic."


    6. "I was asked what country I’m from and I replied Georgia. The person then said 'Oh, honey, that’s a state. That’s not a country.'”



    7. "That the way I’m pronouncing my own name is wrong."


    8. "I was on the phone giving someone directions and my cousin was nearby. I said, 'Go north on X street, etc.' My cousin overheard me and said that I didn't make any sense because whatever direction you're facing is north, so north changes depending on which way you are facing."


    9. "If you ever fall out of a plane without a parachute, you should grab onto the ground when you hit it so that you don't bounce because it is the bounce that kills you, not the first impact."


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    10. "When I was in Grade 10 of high school, a guy in my class argued with me because he was insistent that the penis has a bone, because, and I quote, 'Why else would it be called a boner?'”


    11. "I wish there was a window in between us so I didn't have to look at you."


    12. “A coworker asked, 'How can it be 9 a.m. here in Toronto and 6 a.m. in Vancouver, at the same time?'"


    BBC one

    13. "My front desk gym rep said, 'I gave them a one-week free trial. March 27th to March 35th.'"


    14. "1/4 is greater than 1/2."


    15. "I worked at CVS and this woman was buying a six-pack of Smart Water. She asked me if it would make her smarter and when I said no she asked to speak with a manager."



    16. "'Space was created by Disney to further the hoax of the earth being round.' He was dead serious, and he quoted 'his own brain after much research' as his source."


    17. "I don't know the number for 9-1-1."


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    18. "I used to work in a lab where origami was a pretty big thing, so there were origami figurines all over the place. Some guy came to visit and commented on the figures and said, 'Those are nice, what are they called? Macramé?' I said, 'They're origami.' He responded, 'I'm pretty sure it's macramé. I'm usually right about this sort of thing.'"


    19. "That dinosaur bones are man-made by scientists to convince us there is no God."


    20. "Waterboarding isn't that bad. It's just where they drip water on your head."


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    21. And "Oh, I don't believe in electrons."


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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