"Only One Person Is Allowed To Be Sick At A Time" And 18 Other Really Stupid Rules That Strict Parents Actually Came Up With

    "If I stayed home sick from school, I would have to stay home on the weekend because if I was 'too sick for school' on a Tuesday, then I would be 'too sick for anything' four days later on the weekend."

    Recently, Reddit user u/kabosu_official asked, "What was the dumbest rule from your Strict parents?"

    Character from a show wearing a head wrap and patterned robe with text "MOTHER KNOWS BEST."

    The rules these parents came up with were certainly...creative. Here are the strangest ones:

    1. "Only one person is allowed to be sick at a time. If you're sick and a family member picks it up from you, it's not your turn anymore so don't you dare show any symptoms!"


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    2. "No yawning allowed when doing homework. Apparently, it meant that I was not interested in doing homework."


    3. "Dinner was at 5. If you weren't there, you didn't eat. I had a paper route in the evenings and weekends. I missed a lot of meals."


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    4. "When I was 17, I went on a date with a 16-year-old girl who was new to my school. She had moved there from Northwest Arkansas. Her parents were really strict. When I showed up to our date, I was told that we'd be traveling in her parents' car. I had to sit in the front with her dad, and she sat in the back with her mom."


    5. "If you had fun yesterday, you can't have fun today."


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    6. "No cooking. My mom didn’t like how the kitchen was dirty after I cooked. Fast-forward to when I was 18, when she got upset that I could not cook."


    7. "I could play Mortal Kombat, but only with the sound off. Apparently, it was fine to see all the gore and stuff, but heaven forbid I listen to the soundtrack and fight noises."


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    8. "I had to be back home by 10 p.m. Even when I was 25."


    9. "I wasn't allowed to watch Rugrats because Angelica was mean."


    Character Angelica from the animated series 'Rugrats', looking frustrated while standing in a playpen

    10. "I was not allowed to ride my bike past the property line or the edge of the driveway. The only exceptions were the times my friends randomly showed up and asked FOR me."


    11. "Two-minute showers. Not one second more."


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    12. "If I stayed home sick from school, I would have to stay home on the weekend because if I was 'too sick for school' on a Tuesday, then I would be 'too sick for anything' four days later on the weekend."


    13. "My dad had a rule that we couldn’t drink anything while we were eating dinner. We had to put our drinks in the middle of the dining table and couldn’t even have a sip until we finished all of the food on our plates."


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    14. "Me and my twin sister would both be punished if one of us did something wrong. My sister got in an argument once with my mum, and then BOTH OF US were banned from using our computers."


    15. "Card games are forbidden, because they make you an addicted gambler. To this day I have problems with numbers and card games."


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    16. "I wasn't allowed to say the word fart. I had to use the word 'lovepuff.' My 10-year-old self genuinely believed it was a swear word, and I was shocked when other kids casually said 'fart.'"


    17. "I was never allowed to have a friend older than me."


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    18. "You could only use four squares of toilet paper each time you went to the bathroom. It didn't matter if you had the runs or not. Four squares was all you were allowed."


    19. And lastly, "I wasn't allowed to eat anything with Devil in the name. Deviled eggs? Hell no! Devil's Food Cake? Not in this house. Because of religion."


    Now I want to know, people who grew up with religious parents who were super strict, what was the dumbest rule you had to follow? Let us know in the comments (or use this Google form if you want be anonymous).