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18 Jokes About Straight Dudes That Are Funny Because They're True

Where is the lie?

On Twitter, people often tell a lot of jokes about straight men, and honestly, they're as hilarious as they are accurate. Take a look for yourself:


How straight men expect women to react when they do the bare minimum



happy mother’s day to every straight guy’s first 3-4 girlfriends


straight men posting pics of buildings to Close Friends


straight men be like I Cant Fold A Fitted Sheet LoL and then roll the cross joint from pineapple express


straight guys who painted their nails black one time their sophomore year of high school


u know those straight dudes who think they're 'really good' at doing an impression of Heath Ledger's Joker


straight men be like “yo” and expect me to fall to my knees


Idg why straight men are so against astrology you know how much pussy y’all could get if you told a bitch “oh I’m a Sagittarius sun Gemini moon Leo rising” or some shit? Try it


Straight men will have one pillow on their bed and keep the rest on this top rack in their closet. Disgusting.


Straight guys dress painfully drab then put on P12,000 sneakers like it fixes everything.


straight guys will keep their instagram on private as if it doesn't just consist of: - crowded group photos (all captioned saturday's are for the boys) - that one pic they post every year for Mother’s Day - a composite from when they had a mustache - a pic with their ex at formal




Straight guys be like: “my partner” and it’s a straight woman named Jessica


Straight dudes 30-50 feral hogs 🤝 Coming in 3-5 minutes


straight men will have a bean bag chair and a PlayStation in their living room and call it minimalism


Straight men will have the emotional intelligence of a 16 year old and own 10 tech start ups and still ask how to cook a microwave dinner

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