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    34 Bonkers Stories About People Having Affairs That Are Just Too Much To Process

    "I caught my dad and my teacher hooking up in his car at my senior prom."

    Over the past few months, we've asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their stories about having affairs and about catching their parents having affairs. The tales they've told have been, uh, quite captivating. Here are some of their best ones:

    Note: Some submissions came from this Reddit thread because they were too good not to include. 

    1. "I caught my husband sleeping with sex workers. It was a few years ago when he was doing it. He kept lying about things I already knew the answers to. I wanted honesty and didn't get it. I found myself curious, wanting justice, and wanting to feel loved again. I had an affair with great sex and chemistry that showed me I deserved so much more emotionally. I'm not proud, but my affair helped me find myself again after infidelity."


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    2. "I got pregnant at 16 and later married my child's father at 21. At 24, I went to grad school and totally had the hots for my older professor. He would talk to me during stressful periods and was very accommodating about my situation. One night, he was looking over an assignment of mine and something just flipped. It was seemingly innocent at first, but then it felt hot and steamy. Funny thing was, it made my sex life with my husband that much better. After two years, I finally felt ready to end it when I found out I was pregnant. I told both partners separately and they agreed to be there no matter what. I ended up working things out with my husband. Funny thing is, it’s been three years and I still don’t know who the real father is."


    3. "Three months after giving birth to our son, my husband complained he wasn’t getting enough oral. I was a first-time mom and learning how to be a mother, a wife, and work full time, all while recovering from my C-section. I found out a few weeks later that on his lunch break from work, he met a random woman from Craigslist for some oral fun. We are currently in counseling, but will most likely be divorcing."


    4. "I wasn't the married party, but I was the other woman. The affair happened with my colleague. We worked a high-stress job that involved heavy drinking after shifts. After spending so much time together, we both fell in love. I moved overseas because of guilt and to give him space to think. He admitted he loved me and wanted to leave his wife, but she got pregnant and didn't tell him until she was so far along that an abortion was basically not an option. I severed all contact at that point. I run into him at parties every few years and it's pretty apparent he feels trapped and discontent."


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    5. "I had an affair because my partner always said, 'The only reason I would ever leave you would be if you cheated on me.' I had been trying to drive him away for years, but stuck around for our child's sake. I was hopeful that it would work and he'd finally let me go, but I still wound up having to walk out myself after he found out."


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    6. "I'm a 42-year-old mother of two and I recently left my husband. Our issues began a few years into our marriage when he had an affair with his close friend from college. We worked through it and we were problem-free for the next three years. A few months before I started my affair, he started acting very weird. He encouraged me to dye my hair, change the way I dressed and such. I realized he was trying to make me look like his friend from college. I got really upset, distanced myself from him, and actually started seeking comfort from my best friend. I fell in love with her and left my husband."


    7. "I have always been attracted to women, which is something that my husband was aware of. I have always fantasized being with a woman. One day I met someone who started as a friend and we got very close. We took a girls trip and let’s just say my lesbian fantasies came true. I did feel terrible afterward. I justified it to myself with the fact that the person was a woman and not another man. It did happen a few more times, but we stopped eventually. At this point, I still feel guilty about it, but I try to just not think about it. However, I appreciate the sexual experience I had with a woman, which is something I should have done more of before getting married."


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    8. "I found out my dad was cheating when he was supposed to be in a class and he picked me up from the library in a completely different outfit. My mom started taking me on drives where she would tail him. When we finally confirmed his other relationship, I assumed she would divorce him, but she never did. He had a separate family. They had two daughters, and the first one was given up for adoption."

    "I got to know the second daughter when I was in college. She is almost exactly 20 years younger than I am, and I love her to bits. Twenty-five years later, my mom met my sister, and my parents made my sister and me joint trustees for their estate. Both my parents ended up in memory care, and the 'other woman' was the one checking in on them at the home and being sure they had vitamins and adult diapers. My sister lived two hours away through miserable traffic, and I was halfway across the country, so having someone there to check on my folks was really wonderful. By the time my parents died, we were all one big, happy family."


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    9. "I caught my dad making out with one of my mom's best friends two months after their wedding. She was even in the bridal party! My dad has always said he's such a 'great, devout, Christian man,' so they always met at church to do their unholy, home-wrecking dirty deed. One day, her kids and I caught them making out, half naked, in a broom closet in GOD'S HOUSE. My dad still denies it and still says he's a devout Christian."


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    10. "My boyfriend caught his dad eating out his niece by marriage the day his wife (my boyfriend's mom) came back home in remission from a rare leukemia she developed after a broken leg. And my boyfriend's mom actually sent my boyfriend in the room to tell him dinner was ready. She’s gone now, RIP, and the family is torn apart. It’s my goal to keep a positive feeling of family for him while he mourns the loss and betrayal of his best friend."

    Nikita Patel

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    11. "My father had an affair with his male high school best friend. The friend lived about five hours away by car. We would visit him, his wife, stepson, and mother in-law. They would disappear for hours when we were all together. The stepson and I figured it out when we were around age 12 and we heard them fighting on the phone about love."

    "They stopped their two-hour-long, almost-every-night phone calls. Then my dad and I started visiting two times a year instead of every other month; then we stopped visiting them at all. They have since made up, but they're not together anymore. I told my mother, and she doesn’t deny it."


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    12. "My dad cheated on his new wife. I caught him in bed with another woman while I was away on a trip. I saw it on the baby monitor."


    13. "Around Christmastime, I was in my room doing homework and my dad was in the office. I wanted to see if he was buying my gifts, so I decided to creep out and take a look. Crawling on my hands and knees, I slowly inched my way toward the office. I caught him scrolling through escort websites and messaging girls. The number of boobs I saw was traumatic."


    14. "My dad dropped me off at my senior prom and started chatting to one of the teachers at the door. They seemed to really hit it off. Later on, he texted me to say he might be late picking me up, but I didn’t check my messages and walked up to my dad's car as we had originally agreed."

    "He and the teacher were in there together. She was promptly fired. My mom divorced him, and we both haven’t looked back since. He was trash."


    15. "Our family had a shared computer. My dad wasn’t great about remembering to clear the computer history or logging out of things. My sister and I found multiple online dating profiles where he said he was either divorced or widowed."

    "He was also never as subtle as he thought he was when he’d sneak out to meet someone."


    16. "My dad went 'salmon fishing with a buddy' but didn’t take his salmon gear. I hacked into his email and found several emails exchanged with a woman (including nude photos of them both) who turned out to be his high school sweetheart."

    "When he returned from his 'fishing trip,' I found a photo of them in his truck. I told my mum, but she already knew. They divorced soon after, and one month after it was finalized, my dad married the other woman and had a MASSIVE wedding that I was not invited to and was only told about six months later on a family ski trip. I was 12 years old and have deep-seeded trust issues that I don’t know I’ll ever get past."


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    17. "My parents were 'taking a break' when my mom got sick and had to be rushed to the hospital. I called my dad and he came to pick me up and took me to his flat. There was a woman there who told me that she’d been dating my dad for three years. He’d only been separated from my mum for a few months."


    18. "My ex found out his mom was cheating on his dad when his mom was at work and accidentally texted my ex instead of her lover, saying, 'I’m in the bathroom waiting for you, my love.' His dad was at work that day, and mind you, he worked over 50 miles away from her, so that text was indeed not meant for him."


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    19. "My sister tagged along on errands with my dad one day when we were about 10. They had stopped at a jewelry counter to look at a present for our mom when she overheard our dad asking the salesperson if they had two of a particular item. The store only had one, so they left without buying anything."


    20. "My mom was logged in to Facebook on my computer. One day I was doing homework, and a dirty message popped up on my computer. I clicked on it and found nudes from my mom and this other guy. He was using a fake Facebook profile. My sister and I went into investigation mode and found out he worked with her. We brought it up to her, and she told us that if we told my dad, we would be breaking up the family. The guilt killed her after a couple of days, and she ended up telling him. My parents haven’t been the same since, especially my dad."


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    21. "This one time, my dad, my mom, my younger brother, and I went on a family vacation to Boston. While there, we stopped at a truck stop midway, and my dad told us to wait while he went in to get some snacks for us. About half an hour later, we got antsy and followed him inside. When we couldn't find him anywhere, I described him to the cashier and he was like, 'Oh yeah. He's out in his truck.' I was so confused. We went to where the trucks were parked, and my dad had asked one of his colleagues to park the truck they shared at the truck stop for a few hours, and we saw him fucking a sex worker in the truck. I was so angry, I knocked on the window and started yelling, and he didn't even stop; they just kept on going."


    22. "When I was 20, I got a Facebook message from someone claiming to be my half brother. It turned out he was. My father had a three-year-long affair when I was a toddler, the woman got pregnant, and he had been paying child support since. My mother knew as well. They just never told me."

    "It gets better. It turns out my dad had ANOTHER affair with ANOTHER woman (there were several) and SHE GOT PREGNANT. So there were, in fact, TWO secret brothers I found out about when I was 20. Go figure."


    23. "We met at work and started having threesomes with my wife. One thing led to another, and we started hooking up without her. Thankfully, my wife forgave me and we were able to reconcile."


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    24. "I was really into erotic stories online. I wrote a few and would chat on the discussion boards. There was an older woman I chatted with, and she worked near my apartment. I was in my early 20s and she was in her late 30s."

    "We arranged to meet during her lunch break, and I went to pick her up and she was like, 'Let's skip lunch and go back to yours.' We did this a few times a week for a few months. I found out early on that she was married but not really happily married. She eventually stopped calling and messaging for lunch dates."


    25. "My husband spent a few years trying to talk me into cuckolding, and I told him that I’m not that kind of person and I wanted love and to feel like I was enough for someone. He wouldn’t stop asking, it’s all he talked about, and it ruined our sex life completely. He developed erectile dysfunction and kept suggesting I find someone else to have sex with."

    "Eventually I did start seeing other people, and the rule was, 'Never have any feelings for other people,' but that’s basically the ONLY rule put forward. Anyway, two times, I fell for someone who told me that I was all they wanted and I was enough for them. My husband noticed when I started having feelings (or I confessed), and he demanded that I stop, but I didn’t. Both of those men were lying completely and seeing other women while telling me that. I initiated a divorce."


    26. "I popped the question to my first wife, and my team decided to throw me a bachelor party at a strip club. My coworker went and we ended up making out — not even sure, while I was so drunk. The next day, I'm walking down the aisle to get married, and I couldn't get my coworker out of my mind. I should have manned up and called it that day."

    "A month later, we bought a home, and two months after that, I was sleeping with my coworker. In my defense, if there is any, and there honestly is not, I didn't have sex with my coworker until after letting my wife know we needed to separate. We divorced and I married my coworker, and all my family and friends said, 'Dude, she's going to burn you down one day,' and she most certainly did eventually. My first wife would have done anything for second was shit. It's a huge life mistake that I'm ashamed of to this day."


    27. "I was cheated on many times by my ex-wife. When I say 'many,' I know about at least 18 people. I was always faithful. She was good at making me believe it was my fault, and with kids involved, I kept trying to make things work. Eventually it killed me inside and I stopped caring about our marriage, myself, my life, and I fantasized about revenge cheating or divorcing. I caught her cheating again, and this time she was bold enough to suggest we be in an open marriage. It’s not what I wanted, but I figured 'Fuck it,' and maybe I’ll find a sliver of happiness. She wanted to control who I met, though, and she talked me into going on a date with her best friend, who was her boss at the time."

    "My wife thought she could make sure nothing led to more than a kiss. Well, unfortunately for her, we hit it off on the first date. Long story short, we all decided to have a threesome a month later, which was supposed to be the first time my wife's friend and I would be doing anything sexual, but it wasn't. It was obvious to my wife that her friend and I were far too familiar with each other than we should have been. I guess it takes a cheater to know one. That was the last night my ex-wife and I were together. We divorced soon after, and I started getting my life back. I am actually happily married to her friend now. I no longer feel dead inside, and I feel like I married my best friend."


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    28. "She was an older (mid-30s) banker. She was funny and worldly, and she took a huge interest in me. She told me to meet her one day in the safe where all the sensitive paper files used to be kept. I thought it was for legit business, and next thing I knew, she was going down on me."

    "We kept it quiet 'cause I was like 18, and figured it'd be an awesome little summer fling, and obviously we weren't supposed to be getting it on at work. Then I found out, after about the hottest month of sex I ever had, that she was keeping it quiet because she was fucking married."


    29. "My girlfriend told me 'You're lucky that you have me. If you ever leave me, you’ll die alone because no one would want you.' So I had this burning desire to prove her wrong. I ended up sleeping with her boss."


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    30. "I lost a bunch of weight after my ex broke up with me because of depression. I went back to him after we had a chitchat about our breakup and what he did. Since losing so much weight, I was getting a TON of new attention, and my boyfriend had gone back to business as usual, meaning he didn’t try to date me or impress me or compliment me or anything. A guy at work started showing me the attention I wasn’t getting from my boyfriend, and after hanging out a few times, we ended up sleeping together."

    "My boyfriend knew, I’m pretty sure, but I broke up with him, telling him I loved him but didn’t like him anymore. But as they say, 'How you get them is how you keep them,' and the guy I cheated on my boyfriend with cheated on me with two coworkers. He got them both pregnant, and one of them was my best friend."


    31. "This was like 12 years ago. I was 19; she was 24 and married. They were in the process of getting a divorce, but she sort of failed to tell me they were technically still married. Her husband was trying to fix the marriage at the time, which is what I learned eventually, and he eventually found out about me and was rightfully pissed."

    "I straight-up told him she wears no ring and said she was recently divorced. I felt like shit, but the sex was incredible. It lasted like six months, and I got out of that whole scenario completely."


    32. "A woman knocked on the door of the EMS station in town and asked for a volunteer application. It was a pretty unremarkable first meeting other than I thought she was beautiful. Fast-forward two weeks or so, and I run into her at a bar with her fiancé. We exchanged numbers that night on a professional level only. Soon after, she started coming to trainings. She was already a nurse, and we had an EMT class running at the time. I happened to be one of the teachers of the class."

    "Long story short, we started spending a lot of time together. We talked a lot more often. Started 'accidentally' running into each other at the local drinking establishments. Before you knew it, we were much more than friends. That started a long couple of years of a both awesome and dark time in my life. I don’t regret much of it. But I’ll say this: If I was older, wiser, and not a party animal, I would be with her today."


    33. "I was stuck in a nonphysical marriage with a hoarder who didn’t keep up with house repairs. I spent four months drinking bottled water because the well wasn’t safe without work. I couldn’t get out because I was 20 kilometers from anywhere and had a car that didn’t run. A coworker usually picked me up for work, or I walked to the closest carpool lot. I cracked under the loneliness and stress when a coworker found me attractive."

    "Turned out my husband was closeted. I wasn’t running on all cylinders after all that, either. He’s got a roommate now, the house is fixed, I’m still with my coworker after 10 years, and we all get together every so often."


    34. And "My dad told me he was going to burn some CDs and he needed time to concentrate. Nosy 5-year-old me walked in his room and saw him doing it with my aunt. On my dad’s side."


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What are your affair stories? Let us know in the comments or (use this Google Form if you want to be anonymous.)