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How Did You Catch Your Parent Cheating?

This should be interesting.

A lot of times married people find themselves cheating, and some of those times their kids even catch them.

Well, if you've ever caught one of your parents cheating, we want to know the story.

Maybe you were sitting next to your dad in the car when you saw a text from his lover on his Apple Watch.

Or maybe you had suspicions your mom was cheating, so you followed her car one day, then saw her pull up to a house and kiss another man at the front door.

Or maybe you were working at a restaurant and a chatty customer started showing you pictures of her new boyfriend and it was your dad.

Whatever the story is, we want to hear all the details. Use the comments below (or this Google Form if you want to be anonymous) to tell us the story of how you caught your parent cheating. You could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!