People Are Sharing Signs That Are Dead Giveaways A Job Will Be A Living Hell To Work For

    Good to know.

    Looking for a job is stressful itself already, and a lot of times it can be tricky to tell if a certain workplace is going to be a good experience for you.

    So Reddit user u/Apolitefuckyou asked "When looking for a job, what is a dead giveaway that the place and job is a hell hole to work for?"

    And tons of people replied with signs to look out for while on the hunt, so here are the most eye-opening responses:

    1. "If you get hired the same day, even if it's over the phone later on, it tends to suggest a high turnover of employees and means (no offense) that their standards aren't that high or high enough to keep interviewing."


    2. "You know it's not gonna be good if all the employees seem new to the job."


    3. "Anywhere that advertises what you COULD earn instead of what you WILL earn. They're going to use you up and spit you out."


    4. "When on your first day, the manager tries his best to put all your training on everyone else."


    5. "When your training consists of somebody telling you, 'This isn't too hard, you should be able to figure it out on your own.'"


    6. "The ones where they say 'marketing trainee' in the job listings. It's a code word for salesperson."


    7. "When they say it's a very competitive environment. Fuck that shit."


    8. "When they use the phrase 'We wear a lot of hats.' That just means the job is not defined and you will have no direction or ability to say no. They will try to get the most out of you before you decide to quit."


    9. "When everyone in the interview process wants to make sure you have a thick skin and don't rattle easily. You should probably not take that job if you have any options."


    10. "Unpaid training and/or if you have to buy uniforms from them upfront."


    11. "Ask your interviewer if they enjoy their job. If they hesitate in their answer, then that's an indication that it isn't the greatest place."


    12. "Random buzzwords and phrases like 'unique opportunity' and 'looking for a rock star' are always a red flag for me."


    13. "Any time you are interacting with a group of people at a potential employer and the 'boss' is talking, check out everyone else in the room. If they are looking down and trying to act like they aren't there, that's a huge red flag. The boss is either extremely dominating and won't accept any opinion from anyone who contradicts their own, or they habitually fuck up and they are perpetually embarrassed for them."


    14. "When the interviewer complains about their current staff, it's a concern to me. If someone is going to air their dirty laundry when you first meet them, they are almost certainly a dramatic manager."


    15. "In one of my own experiences, when the hiring person or orientation person spends a lot of time trying to sell YOU on the job, that's a red flag to me."


    16. "Check the facial expressions and body language of the people you pass. You can easily tell if a person is defeated or hates their job."


    17. "If they do more talking about themselves than asking you questions. They don't care to find out about you but want to convince you how wonderful they are and how you'd be lucky to join them. Therein lies the way of madness."


    18. "If your questions aren't really answered. For example, if you ask about hours, flexibility for appointments, lunch, etc. and you are told that as a salaried person you aren't tracked but, 'Oh by the way, you need to tell your superior and three others when you arrive, where you are, when you leave, etc.' RUN AWAY. Micromanager ahoy."


    19. And finally, "If there are lots of passive-aggressive signs everywhere. Handwritten is worse, but typed is bad too. Examples are like: 'Don't put dishes in this part of the sink!,' 'Don't leave this door open!,' and 'Don't leave the X out when not using!'"


    What are other signs that a job is going to be a toxic environment? Let us know in the comments.