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    Updated on Sep 17, 2019. Posted on Sep 16, 2019

    11 Photos That Are Damn Near Perfect And 11 That Are Annoyingly Imperfect

    You love and hate to see it.

    1. The swirl on this ice cream cone is *chef's kiss*.

    u/SwitchSwitchBish / Via

    2. Meanwhile, the upside down peas on this picture is quite frustrating.

    u/Epidemiologic / Via

    3. The bubbles in this bottle are grouped together so flawlessly.

    u/SwitchSwitchBish / Via

    4. But that *one* tile here ruins the whole floor pattern!

    u/kingramses51 / Via

    5. This car blanketed in snow is so pretty that it should never be cleaned off.

    u/twelveinchmeatlong / Via

    6. But the break lights on this car don't match up and it's very upsetting.

    u/bridgetcmo / Via

    7. It's hard to look away from how beautifully the snow landed on the outline of the bricks here.

    u/calmdownlad / Via

    8. Meanwhile, it's hard to ignore how the lines of these socks don't align correctly.

    u/wokebich / Via

    9. The way the faucet water goes directly into the drain hole is so gratifying.

    u/beeswhacks / Via

    10. And that one upside down pole is just taunting me.

    u/Negative1Rainbowz / Via

    11. The handwriting on this paper looks like a font from a computer!

    12. While this pamphlet has one minor, but glaring mistake.

    u/Ceapa-Cool / Via

    13. There's something so pleasing about how these fruits are stacked.

    u/sorry_wasntlistening / Via

    14. And in another aisle, one of these chips is not like the other.

    u/jamela111 / Via

    15. This method for folding these graphic t-shirts is genius!!!

    u/KRaidium / Via

    16. And a lot of people probably didn't notice the mix-up of the capital and lowercase "P" here.

    u/MarxistLesbian / Via

    17. This is the perfect place to go for a walk just to stare at these trimmed trees.

    18. But it's probably upsetting to walk the hallway and have to pass these lockers.

    u/Negative1Rainbowz / Via

    19. The fact that someone could get all of the cereal together in a shape is seriously impressive.

    u/KevlarYarmulke / Via

    20. Meanwhile, the fact that this ceiling fan isn't centered is seriously disappointing.

    u/rwhereemy / Via

    21. Nothing is more satisfying than the shadow of this tree.

    u/DanRG02 / Via

    22. And nothing is more irritating than the front door of this house that doesn't line up with the stairs.

    u/Greenskeeper37 / Via

    H/T to r/oddlysatisfying and r/mildlyinfuriating

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