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19 People Who Woke Up That Day And Desperately Needed A Do-Over

It happens to us all.

1. This driving teacher who had to cancel last-minute:

still dying at the time my driving instructor text me this the day before my test

2. This person who just wanted to get the Christmas decorations:

3. This person whose day wasn't off to a great start:

4. This person who had to clean up this whole mess:

5. This person who suffered this...disaster:

6. This person whose surprise went very, very wrong:

I surprised my Girlfriend at work this morning. Came up behind her and kissed her on the neck She Laughed and said “Mike stop you know we’re at work” My name is Brandon

7. This person who got locked out of their car:

8. These bakers who didn't know how to stop the yeast from growing:

9. This person who had yet to realize their grave mistake:

10. This person who definitely wished they hired someone to install their microwave:

11. This person whose washing machine became a waterfall:

12. This person who was so drunk, they fell asleep outside:

13. This person who had to walk in and deal with this catastrophe:

14. This person who was sleepier than they were hungry:

15. This person whose car got wrecked WHILE it was at the mechanic:

16. This person who took sunscreen for granted:

17. These people who spent god knows how long separating unroasted and roasted beans:

18. This person whose relationship took a sharp turn out of nowhere:

19. And finally, this person whose mailbox got struck by lightning:

H/T r/Wellthatsucks