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22 Times People Didn't Realize They Were Making A Grave Mistake


1. This person who tried to "clean" this cash:

A friend's client paid him in cash. He put the cash in the microwave to kill traces of coronavirus from cringepics

2. These dudes who got locked out:

These guys locked their keys in an armoured truck from Wellthatsucks

3. This person who was just trying to dye their hair:

Using a Walmart bag when bleaching your hair from Whatcouldgowrong

4. This person who took, uh, the wrong shirt from the laundry bin:

Come on dude... from Wellthatsucks

5. This person who forgot to close their car door:

Remember to close your door before using an automated parking system. from Wellthatsucks

6. This person who got "matching tattoos" with their dog:

Man gets a tattoo he found on his pup, not knowing it means he's neutered from Wellthatsucks

7. These kids who forgot to close the door on this winter day:

Apparently the kids were too distracted to shit the door from Wellthatsucks

8. This person who made a huuuuge mess:

WCGW if I drain a deep fryer into a plastic bucket? from Whatcouldgowrong

9. This person who will probably sit in the car seat correctly from now on:

🚨Warning: Graphic image below!🚨

... having feet on dashboard in a car crash from Whatcouldgowrong

10. This person who put a hole in their laptop:

My sister was putting on her make up in front of a window and the mirror she was using burnt s hole in her screen from Wellthatsucks

11. This person who found their wallet when it was too late:

Lost my wallet 3 days ago, finally ordered new cards and then... from Wellthatsucks

12. This person who woke up and thought up was down:

Good morning... from Wellthatsucks

13. This person who didn't know their own strength:

Guess I cut it a little too hard from Wellthatsucks

14. This person who forgot to pick a pair of shoes:

Put both on this morning to get wife’s opinion. Forgot to change before I left and was at work all day like this. from Wellthatsucks

15. This person who mixed up laundry and dishwasher detergents:

Obviously scatterbrained today, I put a laundry detergent pod in the dishwasher :( from Wellthatsucks

16. This person who must have had a mighty kick:

No explanation needed from Wellthatsucks

17. This person who may have overreacted to seeing a bug:

Long story short, I saw a cockroach. from Wellthatsucks

18. This person who let their dog out for some fresh air at the wrong time:

What if I decide to let my white dog out after I mow my lawn? from Whatcouldgowrong

19. This person who brought the wrong bag to work for lunch:

I cleaned the cat’s litter box and brought the bag with me to throw away in my outdoor trash can on the way to work. I also brought my lunch. Guess which one got thrown away and which one came to work with me. from Wellthatsucks

20. This person who didn't think their purchase through:

A guy purchased a watermelon during a train stop and didn’t realize it didn’t fit through the bars from Wellthatsucks

21. This person who was in for a rude awakening:

Well... i think the image speaks for itself. from Wellthatsucks

22. And this person who thought they had a face mask on them:

Drove 45 mins to the store thinking I had my mask in my pocket. It was a baby sock. from Wellthatsucks

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