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19 People Who Ordered Something And Were Greatly Disappointed By What Arrived

Can I get a refund?

1. This person who did not get the five-star meal they expected:

2. This person who got a paddling pool that was just a tad smaller than they thought:

3. This person who got a...version of the art print they wanted:

4. This hungry person who most certainly did not get their money's worth:

5. This person whose Deadpool costume turned out to be a serious disappointment:

6. This person who ordered a Mother's Day cake with a message:

7. This person who bought two sweaters and received none:

8. This person who received a DVD that they can't even open:

9. This person who bought merchandise that was signed incorrectly:

10. This person who received their books in the most inconvenient way:

11. This person who ordered a customized stamp but did not get the right image:

12. This person who was scammed on eBay:

13. This person who was craving nachos and probably lost their appetite:

14. This person who ordered a beanie but basically got a potato sack:

15. This person who kinda got the pizza they ordered:

16. This person who got shorts they can't wear without looking like a thief:

17. This person whose "accent" was misinterpreted:

18. This person whose Halloween mask didn't live up to its advertising:

19. And this person who ordered a pizza with an unexpected stuffed crust: