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19 People Who Ordered Something And Were Greatly Disappointed By What Arrived

Can I get a refund?

1. This person who did not get the five-star meal they expected:

Ordered carbonara from a '5 star uber restaurant' from shittyfoodporn

2. This person who got a paddling pool that was just a tad smaller than they thought:

To be fair my wife did think this paddling pool was suspiciously cheap from funny

3. This person who got a...version of the art print they wanted:

Ordered art from Amazon, left side was the sample, right side is what actually arrived. Didn’t Wine about it, just laughed. from facepalm

4. This hungry person who most certainly did not get their money's worth:

Ordered ceased salad for $15 from one of the local restaurants. from shittyfoodporn

5. This person whose Deadpool costume turned out to be a serious disappointment:

My friend bought this costume online and I’ve been laughing all day from ExpectationVsReality

6. This person who ordered a Mother's Day cake with a message:

Ordered a cake today for my mum to celebrate Mother's day. This is what i received from facepalm

7. This person who bought two sweaters and received none:

Ordered two shirts from Old Navy, received 40 pounds of security tags and a coupon. from pics

8. This person who received a DVD that they can't even open:

Wtf. I ordered this from target and they sent it to me in the anti theft case. from facepalm

9. This person who bought merchandise that was signed incorrectly:

Pre-ordered a signed vinyl record, the band mistakenly signed the cellophane wrapping and not the album cover from mildlyinfuriating

10. This person who received their books in the most inconvenient way:

Ordered 27 books from Amazon on a single order. Got 27 boxes with 1 book each delivered. from mildlyinfuriating

11. This person who ordered a customized stamp but did not get the right image:

Ordered a stamp, guess the photo didn’t work from Wellthatsucks

12. This person who was scammed on eBay:

Ordered a ps5 controller off eBay, wtf is this from gaming

13. This person who was craving nachos and probably lost their appetite:

Ordered the Brisket Nachos. Got a pound of Kraft Singles. from mildlyinfuriating

14. This person who ordered a beanie but basically got a potato sack:

This winter hat I ordered on Wish (VS) the one I received. from CrappyDesign

15. This person who kinda got the pizza they ordered:

Ordered a "half mushroom half pepperoni" pizza...@ from Wellthatsucks

16. This person who got shorts they can't wear without looking like a thief:

Ordered shorts off of Old Navy, and all of them came with the security tags. from Wellthatsucks

17. This person whose "accent" was misinterpreted:

My gf ordered “A side of fries” with a southern accent from funny

18. This person whose Halloween mask didn't live up to its advertising:

Halloween mask ordered online vs what he received in the mail from Wellthatsucks

19. And this person who ordered a pizza with an unexpected stuffed crust:

Ordered a pizza from a local restaurant and found a latex glove in it. Bolton UK from WTF

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