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    29 People Who Are Far Funnier Than You Could Ever Hope To Be, No Offense Though


    1. This person who shared a little treat:

    2. This Lyft driver who offered a tailored customer experience:

    3. This kid who told their parent the bathroom was flooding:

    4. This kid who should start drawing comics:

    5. This person who tried a good, ol' fashioned hack:

    6. This person who got what their kids wanted for Christmas...kinda:

    7. This employee who advertised this restaurant:

    8. This person who labeled the nativity scene very specifically:

    9. This bartender who was trying to avoid another mess:

    10. This person who gave clients a clever warning:

    11. This person who got their spouse a celebratory cake:

    12. This person who came up with a new way to categorize romance novels:

    13. This person who created a stunning sign for their graphic design department:

    14. This person who accurately renamed hand sanitizer:

    15. This person who made a cake of Shrek swimming in a swamp:

    16. This Arby's employee who had to make a vital clarification:

    17. This Sonic employee who was trying to take down the competition:

    18. This person who set up a truly unique Halloween decoration:

    19. This person who thought out of the box when it came to communicating with their spouse:

    20. This coworker who was excited for warmer weather:

    21. The person who gave this truck a clever nickname:

    22. This person who felt forced to change their iconic "Live, Laugh, Love" sign:

    23. This person who gave their doctor a literal stool sample:

    24. This person who put a very important message on their dog's collar:

    25. And this person who had their husband play Russian roulette with baked goods:

    26. This person who wrapped a birthday gift in CEMENT:

    27. This person who wrote up witty COVID-19 restaurant guidelines:

    28. This person who played a BRUTAL joke on their partner:

    A ring box with a note that says lol jk
    griffunk / Via

    29. And lastly, this person who was promoting the vaccine: