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    Updated on Apr 29, 2020. Posted on Apr 28, 2020

    18 "Or Are You Normal?" Jokes That Prove We All Have More In Common Then We Think

    Do y'all pour the milk before the cereal or are you normal?

    A new Twitter meme is circulating where people are asking how common some life experiences are, and it's seriously funny but, at times, too real:

    does ur dad remember ur birthday or are u normal

    You just have to see it for yourself, so here are some of the best ones:


    do u mentally plan out the next topic and constantly stress about keeping a conversation moving or are u normal


    are you on good terms w your exes or are you normal


    did you go through a phase when you were obsessed with at least one show on the cw or are you normal


    Do y’all talk to ur family at the dinner table or are you normal


    Are yall still friends with the same people from high school or are u normal


    are u absolutely petrified of driving and as a result have waited past the usual age of getting ur license so now u feel like its too late and everyone else ur age has one so not only do u feel left out but also more anxious at constantly having to ask for a ride or are u normal


    were you the “gifted” student in elementary that grew up to lose all of their academic motivation or are you normal


    do you study while listening to music on your earphones or are you normal?


    Are you a former Catholic School student or are you normal


    do you also skip the scene where a character in the movie/show you’re watching does something very embarrassing because you can’t handle the secondhand embarrassment or are you normal


    do u like porn with music or are u normal


    are you making up detailed romantic scenarios in you head that will never play out in real life or are you normal


    did you get bullied in middle school for saying that harry styles was your favorite in one direction or are you normal


    do you have a healthy relationship with your father or are you normal


    Did your parents scream at you when you couldn’t translate a legal document or are you normal


    do you guys sleep at a decent time or are u normal



    Are you guys sober during quarantine or normal?

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