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    Updated on Sep 22, 2019. Posted on Sep 20, 2019

    21 "Me When Someone Shows Me" Jokes That Are Really Funny

    "Me when God shows me footage of all the times I've sinned."

    Clips of YouTuber Kayla Nicole Brown have turned into memes several times now and it's never a surprise because she's suuuuper funny.

    And now, after a clip recently surfaced on Twitter of her looking up and down at a screen, she's given us another quality meme.

    Here are the funniest ones:


    My mom when I’m sitting next to her on my phone


    me when my friend shows me an ugly guy that she thinks is super attractive


    Me pretending to be interested when my co-workers start showing pics of their pets and family


    Me when God shows me footage of all the times I’ve sinned


    Me: nah I never said that Them: ain’t this your Twitter? Me:


    me when someone shows me something i already saw on twitter a week ago


    5 year old me when my mum asked me how I got 7 from 2+3


    when my man shows me a tweet I made about not meeting the love of my life yet


    walmart receipt checker: “it says here you purchased two tomatoes however in your cart you have two steaks” me:


    12 year old me sitting with my mom and she pulls up my “girls kissing” history on youtube


    When your boo say “look at her fine ass” and you look at the picture and it’s you


    when someone telling the story with the blunt in their hand 😭


    me pretending to like his music so i can fuck


    Straight coworker showing me his phone: hey check out this meme, it’s so funny Me:


    Me checking the bill I didn’t pay for to make sure he left a good tip 😂


    When you catch her staring at your meat and you make it jump


    me looking into the phones of the people sitting next to me on the subway


    Me pretending to understanding the steps to the problem when the teacher comes and help


    How I look at my mum when she finds something I couldn’t find in the place she told me to look


    When i give out a fake number and they end up callin it in front of me💀💀💀💀


    When I knew damn well I didn’t text back but I let them show me the messages anyways

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