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    15 Insecurities A Lot Of Men Have That A Lot Of Woman Actually Don't Give A Crap About

    The more you know.

    We all have insecurities that most people don't care about or even notice.

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    And recently, Reddit user u/GorillaS0up asked the women of Reddit, "What common insecurities do men have about their bodies that women don't actually care about?"


    Users responded with answers about men's bodies and much more. Here are their most insightful responses.

    1. Not having big biceps:

    "My husband is way too worried about how big his biceps are. He was a really skinny kid so I think he always just wanted to be the big tough guy. Now he’s got muscles and he’s constantly asking me what I think of them. I mean, dude, I’m into you no matter what size your biceps are. I’m not going anywhere, even if you can’t lift heavy things."


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    2. Finishing early during sex:

    "Men always apologize if they come early while having sex, but it’s really not a problem so long as they bring the woman to completion in some way afterward. Ain’t nothing wrong with a second round or some selfless hard work."


    3. Not having a 'deep enough' voice:

    "My ex hated his voice and he thought it was too high. I don't even notice voice pitches, but he let it put a fake divide between us which is why we broke up. High voices are cute! Deep voices are cute! All voices are perfect!"


    4. Getting sweaty during sex:

    "I had a boyfriend who always felt so bad if any sweat dripped onto me and I was always like, 'Why?' I literally don’t care, keep going."


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    5. Showing their emotions:

    "Turns out a lot of guys can't even cry because at a young age males are told 'boys don't cry' and 'man up.'"


    6. Not being rich:

    "I've seen a few guys try to act like they have money to burn in order to impress their dates, me included, but then not be able to pay the bills at the end of the month. Honestly, I'll take stability and honesty over a fancy dinner any day."


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    7. Having gray hairs:

    "My 32-year-old husband is currently freaking out because he has 'so many' gray hairs. I couldn’t give two shits. I think he’s still just as handsome and I really don’t see what the big deal is."


    8. Being bald:

    "There are plenty of hot men who are bald."


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    9. Not having a big penis:

    "I've been with guys with over 10 inches and it's not worth it if all you do is a jackrabbit. What I want is a partner who doesn't make me feel rushed, and is down to try other ways of pleasure."


    10. Coming off nerdy or brainy:

    "Please think for yourself and enjoy your hobbies. We actually dig someone with passion, and honestly being able to hold conversation with depth is delicious."


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    11. Not being the "best" in every single way:

    "Men worry about being the best, smartest, toughest, or funniest. It's better to be individual with your niche interests, looks, and sense of humor rather than try to be the brightest."


    12. Having a hairy chest or arms:

    "It's there, yeah, and no one cares."


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    13. Being short:

    "I don't give a fuck if you're 7 feet or barely 5 feet. What's annoying is a guy who has a problem that he's whatever height."


    14. Not having the energy to have sex all the time:

    "No one wants to fuck for eight hours. It’s fine."



    15. And having bellies and love handles:

    "I personally love seeing the hips on a guy, and a soft belly is nice to touch and rest on. I like hugging my love from behind and I want to stretch my fingertips right up under that shirt."


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