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21 Logo Designs That I Can't Believe Were Actually Approved

It's time to go back to the drawing board.

1. This IT class logo that looks kinda phallic:

2. This logo that's fine unless the side door is open:

3. This suggestive water brand logo:

4. This logo that can easily be misread:

5. This logo that messes with customers' vision:

6. This logo that was incredibly overpriced:

7. This logo that looks...unsettling:

8. This logo that doubles as a warning:

9. This iSmart logo that has a whole new meaning when seen upside down:

10. This interesting silhouette for a cheerleading logo:

11. This logo that'll make anyone do a double take:

12. This logo that looks like the beginning of a threesome:

13. This logo that's supposed to look like a straw in a cup:

14. This logo that needs a redesign:

15. This antidrug logo that looks like it's pro-drugs:

16. This cartoon logo with a poorly placed foot:

17. This logo on knockoff sneakers that is a bit too detailed:

18. This toy company logo that is kinda crass:

19. This logo that wasn't very well thought out:

20. This logo that's slightly disturbing:

21. And this logo that's pretty grim for a medical center:

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