17 Anti-Karen Tweets For Anyone Who's Ever Dealt With A Karen

    "You could die, and some soccer mom named Karen will still ask you to RSVP for Kevin’s birthday party."


    Whoever decided the work week was 5 days and the weekend was 2 was most likely named Karen


    Somewhere out there is a woman named Karen who made herself personalized items that say, "Keep calm and Karen on." I'm sure of it.


    You could die, and some soccer mom named Karen will still ask you to RSVP for Kevin’s birthday party.


    I just tried to kill a cockroach with Dove body spray, now it's name is Karen and she won't shut up about yoga


    do babies named Karen even exist or do they just appear one day with 3 kids and wanna speak to the manager


    It's a little known fact that everyone in HR must be named Karen, Susan or Linda.


    Me and a coworker named Karen have this really cute thing where she tries to tell me what to do and I tell her that's not my fucking job.


    I have a new girl named "Karen" in my accounting department. If I ever had an excuse to quit my job, she is going to be my reason why.


    Women named Karen have children named Kyle.


    today is my last day at my job, and i'm fighting a woman named karen in a google doc, and let me just say, this is exactly what i wanted for myself



    They just gave me complimentary wine at Olive Garden. I feel like a middle class white woman named Karen drinking wine on a Monday.


    [person named Karen] *joins twitter* *searches her name* *leaves twitter*


    Dating me would be so fun you’d wake up and be like what’d you do last night & id be like I was harassing a 40-year-old anti vaxxer named Karen online till 3 am & you’d be like aw


    I’m surprised more hurricanes aren’t named Karen.


    Met this girl tonight named Karen and I asked to speak to her supervisor


    I sent my kid back to school with cards to pass out that say... Rules for befriending my child: 1: Must be not be a jerk 2. Must share snacks 3. Must not listen to shitty music 4. Must be fluent in sarcasm 5. Mom must not be named Karen