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17 Houses And Apartments That Have Some Minor — Scratch That — Major Flaws

These photos are now living in my head rent free.

1. Anyone willing to use this toilet is VERY brave:

2. This bedroom is nice for anyone who doesn't like their own privacy:

3. It must be a nightmare to step on this bathroom floor after someone just used the tub:

4. I can only imagine all the accidental spills this carpet must absorb🤢:

5. This kitchen will probably make you lose your appetite:

6. Baby-proofing this part of the house just might be a challenge:

7. No, just...no:

8. I'm wondering how someone would get under the sink to fix it if it leaks:

9. Now there's finally a bathroom that ends the "Is it okay to pee in the shower?" debate:

10. All of these doors are just stressing me OUT:

11. The view from this window isn't exactly the best:

12. One word? Yikes:

13. The design of this kitchen was not thought out enough:

14. A stretch ceiling may be cool until the apartment above you floods:

15. Safe to say, it's time for some renovations here:

16. The light switch is right next to the garbage disposal switch, so what could go wrong?

17. And finally, this DIY space heater someone made after the landlord lowered the heat: