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    Mar 28, 2020

    17 Grindr Messages That, Yes, People Actually Sent

    They really had the audacity.

    1. This person who told someone to check their privilege:

    in today’s segment of “oh wow, did you actually say that?”

    2. This person who was in a ~festive~ mood:

    3. This person who tried to mix business with pleasure:

    4. This person who kept it real:

    I love (hate) Grindr and all things having to do with men.

    5. This person who was kinda self-quarantining:

    u/LordLorq / Via

    6. This person who was a fan of the Harry Potter series:

    In honor of JK Rowling stepping in it yet again, please enjoy the worst Grindr message I ever received:

    7. This person who had an unexpected profession:

    Only on grindr would I get a birthday message like this

    8. This person who proved they were circumcised:

    9. This person who said whatever the other person wanted to hear:

    10. This person who was quite honest:

    11. This person who gave some advice:

    12. This person who used this unique pickup line:

    13. This person who sent mixed signals:

    I don't understand gay people anymore

    14. This person who messaged their professor:

    15. This person who offered money for an unusual job:

    This guy on Grindr asked me to help catch his boyfriend.

    16. This person whose joke didn't quite land:

    17. And finally, this person who was turned on by all the wrong things:

    Grindr, everyone 🙄 #coronapocolypse

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