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    18 Times People Had A Misunderstanding That Was Actually Pretty Funny

    "One of my friends said that Kamala was the first woman vice president. Did Michelle not exist?"

    1. This person who thought the Titanic was fiction:

    2. This person who thought the Mona Lisa was a movie:

    3. This person who thought they got a pentagram tattoo:

    4. This person who wanted the exact details of someone's parking ticket:

    5. This person who thought Michelle Obama was the vice president of the United States:

    😐 from facepalm

    6. This person who thought they knew how to make oatmeal cookies:

    Everyone feel free to roast my roommate who thought oatmeal cookies are just baked oatmeal

    Twitter: @LateNightNelly

    7. This person who thought someone had just come out as queer:

    Twitter: @solondzy

    8. This person who thought he was getting a cool matching tat with his dog:

    9. This person who thought the reflection of this ceiling light was the sun:

    10. This person who confused quite a bit of grammar and spelling:

    11. This person who thought panthers were also lions:

    12. This person who mistook a mirror for a picture frame:

    13. This person who had a different understanding of "street name":

    14. This person who kept calling a child the incorrect name:

    So I was coaching a basketball camp this week and I asked a kid what his name was and he goes “Weed” and I was like.. ok I guess we’re in Austin so not shocking. Anyway I called this child weed for 3 days. turns out he had a speech impediment and his name is Reid 🙃

    Twitter: @m4rticus

    15. This person who thought that the first Monday of deer season was a national holiday:

    My favorite college memory was accidentally skipping class on the first Monday of deer season freshman year because I legitimately thought that was a national holiday that meant no school and didn’t realize I just went to a yeehaw high school

    Twitter: @meg_nicolecar

    16. This person who totally missed the joke:

    17. This person who didn't know that "bruh" was used as a term of endearment:

    18. This person who thought bare-skin condoms were BEARskin condoms: