18 Things That — I Kid You Not — People Actually Posted On Facebook Marketplace

    I have no words.

    1. These crafty coasters:

    2. These DIY skates:

    3. This haircut advertisement:

    4. These edible Christmas ornaments:

    5. This unfortunate description for rings:

    The description 😂😭😭 I’m never deleting Facebook

    6. This couch someone left outside:

    Someone is selling a leather couch on Facebook Marketplace...with snow on it? And decided to take these pictures? With snow on it? I have so many questions.

    7. This awk description for a basketball hoop:

    8. These, uh, unique leggings:

    Facebook marketplace is a different breed

    9. This tub of corndogs:

    10. These mannequin legs which someone has for some reason:

    11. This weird, unbalanced chair:

    12. The description for these cat toys:

    13. This oddly designed accent chair:

    14. This Furby bong:

    15. This light that someone didn't know how to describe:

    16. This useless TV:

    17. This sign for ratchet* straps: 

    18. And this scratched-up casket:

    Maritime Facebook marketplace “never been used”