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Design Your Ultimate Breakfast Waffles And We'll Reveal A Deep Truth About You

Maple syrup or berry syrup?

Let's be honest: Nothing hits the spot like warm, fluffy waffles for breakfast in the morning. And the best part about them is how many different ways they can be served!

With so many delicious variations, we want to know how you build yours. Here's how it works: A video at the bottom of this post will guide you through a series of questions. Select your favorite options to design your ultimate waffle.

You'll start off by choosing your ideal batter mix: box or scratch?

Next, you'll decide if you want to drizzle your waffle in maple syrup or berry syrup.

Then, you'll need to choose your first topping: whipped cream or powdered sugar?

But building your masterpiece doesn't stop there! So what kind of delicious creation will you assemble? Just tap below to get started!


Let us know how you customized your perfect breakfast waffle below!