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16 Infuriating Screenshots Of Coworkers Completely Disrespecting Boundaries

Hold that thought, I'm just gonna call HR real quick.

1. This coworker who stole tips:

Employee who was supposed to share tips among three people took all but around $2 of more than $50 in tips

2. This coworker who asked for free fitness training:

Text asking coworker if they can train them and give them their diet plan
Text continues with coworker asking if they can train them during the workday rather than after work or weekends, and also can they guest them at their gym
Coworker says "never mind" 'cause they don't want to spend $10–$20 a month when coworker says their schedules don't work out and maybe they should join a gym

3. This person's former coworker who demanded access to their employee discount:

Former coworker demands the employee discount on car seats and AirPods and says they're coming to the job so the employee can use their card and ID for them

4. This coworker who borrowed something and returned it in poor condition:

A stapler with the staples jammed

5. This coworker who asked someone to cover their shift and then changed their mind at the last minute:

Coworker says they can't just reschedule after they agreed to work their shift and that's not how it works, and they said "Now it does" and "Watch your mouth"

6. This coworker who took a taste of EVERY donut:

Half-eaten donuts in a box

7. This coworker who was trying not to pay full price for a drawing they commissioned:

Person asks for a file of artwork to be put on a canvas even though the price doesn't include it and then resists when the person adds in the cost of the canvas

8. This person who was pissed at their coworkers for not giving them their pee to pass a drug test:

Person writes a passive-aggressive, whiny text about how no one would help them pass the drug test: "Its cool tho ill stop smoking so I would never have to depend on no ones to help me"

9. This person who wished someone a happy birthday and then immediately asked them for a favor:

Person says happy birthday and then asks if they or their husband have a couple of Universal tickets to spare

10. This person's former coworker who pressured them to give them money:

Person asks how they're doing and then says they need $20 to pay their bills
Then they ask for $10 when the person says no, and when they're told no again, they ask but if the person's working, can't they afford to give CashApp them $10?

11. This person who asked their coworker for a ride and then tried to shame them on the internet:

"Asked my coworker for a ride" caption with a photo of garbage on the floor of their car

12. This coworker who put his shoes on the dashboard while getting a ride:

Scruffy shoes on the glove compartment of a car

13. This coworker who played the victim:

Two cars with no space between them, with a caption that their mom confronted the coworker about the parking, and the coworker said there was enough space and they were being "attacked"

14. This coworker who lied to their boss about their shift being covered:

Boss says another employee said they were covering his shift and asks if they're on their way, and employee says "definitely not" and "this is news to me"
Employer says the other workers said they spoke to them in person and asks if can cover any of the shift, and employee says no because they're in school, which is why they wouldn't say yes to covering his shift

15. This person who borrowed their coworker's brand-new knife and broke the tip in less than 20 minutes:

Close-up of knife with tip broken off

16. And lastly, this person who left this bottle in their coworker's car. And yes, it is exactly what you think it is:

A plastic bottle with yellow liquid in it in the car's cupholder