19 Super Common Things People Do Or Say That They Don't Realize Are Super Rude

    “Saying 'You look good for your age' is rude. There are so many ways to compliment someone on aging well, but that is not one of them."

    Recently, Reddit user u/MaximumHemidrive asked, "What's something many people don't realize is actually rude to do or say?"

    David saying "I think you're kind of rude"

    And oof, all of their examples were right on the money. So if you do any of these things, please STOP:

    1. "If someone declines alcohol, do not insist, and do not ask them why."


    Screenshot from "Gossip Girl"

    2. "Leaving your grocery cart in the middle of the aisle so others cannot pass. It’s inconsiderate and infuriating."


    3. "Stepping off a full escalator and then standing still while looking around. Bro, just take four to five steps forward to figure yourself out!"


    Captain America on an elevator

    4. "LISTENING TO ANYTHING IN PUBLIC WITH YOUR VOLUME ON. This includes TikTok, YouTube, social media, FaceTiming, and anything with your phone on speaker. No one gives a crap what media you’re consuming. Airports especially seem to attract this in droves as if earbuds or headphones don’t exist. If I can hear your phone, you are getting The Glare. Learn to adjust to polite society."


    5. "People who let their dogs jump up on you. Hey, I love dogs, but I’m not in the mood of having dirty paws on my nice clean clothes."


    Shaggy, wearing a green tee, stands opposite Scooby-Doo in a room from the movie. Scooby looks guilty

    6. "Walking in a group and taking up the whole walkway. I can't pass you."


    7. "Getting in an elevator before allowing people to get out of the elevator."


    Screenshot from "Gossip Girl"

    8. “Saying 'You look good for your age.' There are so many ways to compliment someone on aging well, but that is not one of them."


    9. "Telling a guy he's going bald or thinning out on top. He already knows and is probably gutted."


    10. “Ask a newly married couple if they plan to have kids."


    Screenshot from "The White Lotus"

    11. "Looking at your phone while someone talks to you. Put your phone DOWN and live in the moment that is REAL."


    12. "Give comments to anything about food, bodies, or size of portions."


    13. "Telling someone 'You look tired.'"


    Animated character with a sad expression wearing a striped shirt

    14. "Telling people to 'Smile!' I had a coworker that kept telling me to smile, and I had to talk to a manager about it. I’m a large, rough-looking man, and apparently, my resting staring off into space face offended her. I live with chronic pain, so no, I don’t feel like smiling when I’m not interacting with anyone. I’m not scowling, I’m not mad, I’m just not happy."


    15. "Touching a pregnant woman's stomach without asking."


    16. "Asking someone 'Why are you so quiet?'"


    Character Aria Montgomery from 'Pretty Little Liars' with a finger over lips in a 'shh' gesture

    17. "Commenting on weight in any way. Even if you mean it as a compliment. 'You’re so skinny' isn’t always a compliment."


    18. "Touching someone's tattoos without permission. I get asked about them a lot, which is fine but a little annoying, but I really can't stand it when people start stroking me? Like, screw off."


    Screenshot from "Dude, Where's My Car?"

    19. And lastly, "Saying 'It was God's will' when someone you care about dies. So inappropriate, yet so many people do it anyway."


    What are other common things that people do that they don't realize is rude? Tell us in the comments!