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    15 Apartments That Have Some Minor — Scratch That — Major Flaws

    Tragic, just tragic.

    1. Well this is — er — convenient, to say the least:

    2. This is what can happen when you have a stretch ceiling and the apartment above you floods:

    3. Why don't these stairs have rails? And more importantly, where do they go???

    4. This makes me anxious:

    5. I just feel so sorry for whoever experienced this:

    6. An outlet in the shower, what could go wrong? 🙃

    7. All these exposed wires are just a fire waiting to happen:

    8. This is like putting a Band-Aid over a bullet wound:

    9. Bed begs, need I say more? 🤢

    10. If I walked into the bathroom and saw this, I'd walk right back out:

    11. This emergency exit for an apartment building is a lawsuit waiting to happen:

    12. Imagine opening the cabinet really fast by this glass ceiling light:

    13. I can't look at this and not feel worried about it falling over during a storm or something:

    14. Yikes:

    15. And finally, this not so state of the art security system: