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    Ashley O Saved Pop Music And Here's Why She Deserves A Grammy For It

    Ok, but when are we getting the album, Ashley?

    This is Ashley O — aka Miley Cyrus in a wig acting as a pop star on a show, but this time it's Black Mirror.


    Miley stars as a troubled pop star in the Black Mirror episode "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too."

    And if you have ~exquisite~ taste, you've probably already heard this timeless bop and seen her deliver visuals in the music video.

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    Her song "On a Roll" already charted on iTunes' Top 20! In fact, may I be so bold as to say that Ashley O has saved pop music?

    Netflix /

    Well, clearly I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    miley cyrus, hannah montana and ashley o on their way to save music industry

    Twitter: @sleepwmc / Via Twitter: @sleepwmc

    Ashley O is the pop girl us gays DESERVE

    Twitter: @grindr / Via Twitter: @grindr

    And some people think she's not done dominating the charts yet. 👀

    ‘On A Roll’ by Ashley O/Miley Cyrus will enter the Billboard Hot 100.

    Twitter: @2019_predicts / Via Twitter: @2019_predicts

    Honestly, maybe her aunt had a point hooking her up to that machine...

    VH1 /

    Joking!! But seriously, us Ashley O stans are ready for her to get 👏 what 👏 she 👏 deserves👏 . Pun intended.

    when are we starting the ashley o grammy campaign

    Twitter: @jgoodridge__ / Via Twitter: @jgoodridge__

    miss Ashley O really snapped with On a Roll she is coming for a grammy ladies

    Twitter: @allofmywonders / Via Twitter: @allofmywonders

    People are already imagining what an Ashley O Grammy win could look like and it would definitely be interesting.

    Ashley O: Grammy Winner; Writes her own lyrics ALONE; Biggest superstar in the world; Wrote (ALONE) a 11 tracks album while she was in coma; Was controlled and almost killed by her aunt and the record label but she had hot sauce in her back and got free; Punk/Rock/Pop queen.

    Twitter: @Heyitswine / Via Twitter: @Heyitswine

    imagine if ashley o wins a grammy miley would drop that whole she is coming shite and super glue that lavender bob to her head

    Twitter: @xanaxshake / Via Twitter: @xanaxshake

    Others think her impact on the music industry is bigger than any award.

    I feel like Ashley O. is the Britney Spears in the 1999 Best New Artist Grammy category and Ally is the other. Ally might win in 1999 but Miss O. wins the test of time.

    Twitter: @mattstopera / Via Twitter: @mattstopera

    But people are actually speculating that if “On a Roll” charts really, really well, it may even earn a Grammy nom for Best Song Written for Visual Media, which would be wild because she’s, like, not a real person lol.

    But real or not, I stan and we need to make sure her ambition and verve pay off!!!

    Netflix /

    It's our job as Ashley O stans to stream, stream, STREAM until we get her that Grammy nomination!!

    Netflix /

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