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    16 Brothers Who Probably Gave Their Siblings A Serious Migraine


    1. This brother who misdirected his anger:

    So my brother decided to take his anger out on something of mine... from Wellthatsucks

    2. This brother who was lacking a little bit of common sense:

    My brother put a chopping board under the pizza to catch the stuff it drops from Wellthatsucks

    3. This brother who made sure all gifts were wrapped securely:

    How my brother wrapped my Christmas present this year... a sheet metal box riveted shut and with the screws stripped for good measure from assholedesign

    4. This brother who was a little bit forgetful:

    Came home to a very smoky house. Knocked on my brother's door asking if he was cooking something and I heard him pause for a second before saying "oh fuck." from shittyfoodporn

    5. This brother who was a great prankster:

    My little brother is a pain in the ass from funny

    6. This brother who must've been playing some intense games on his sibling's laptop:

    Let my brother play games on my laptop for 2 hours because I went out to do some shopping and I come back to this... from Wellthatsucks

    7. This brother who wanted to add a litte razzle dazzle to their sibling's dinner:

    I was making Thai basil chicken then I turned around for a minute and my brother put blue food dye in it. He’s 19. from shittyfoodporn

    8. This brother who is probably never going to be left alone with technology again:

    Left my little brother with my computer from Wellthatsucks

    9. This brother who got distracted for a dangerously long amount of time:

    My brother left a pot of water on top of the stove (on) overnight from Wellthatsucks

    10. This brother who was a very picky eater:

    I shit you not my brother ate the ham out of all 5 Lunchables and put them back in the refrigerator from mildlyinfuriating

    11. This brother who made a simple task harder for himself:

    My brother's an idiot. from funny

    12. This brother who didn't pay much attention to detail:

    How my brother put the paper towel roll back from mildlyinfuriating

    13. This brother who needs to start wearing his key on a necklace or something:

    My brother has a habit from mildlyinfuriating

    14. This brother whose teeth were hopefully cleaner than his toothpaste bottle:

    My brother is an absolute sadist. from mildlyinfuriating

    15. This brother who ruined this kid's creation:

    Well, just finished building a lego set with my oldest son. His younger brother then grabs part of the set, runs outside, and drops it down the sewer vent. from Wellthatsucks

    16. And this brother-in-law who left an eyesore on this house:

    Brother in-law decided to cook up some steaks on my grill but forgot to pull out the grill. from Wellthatsucks

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