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    Updated on Nov 4, 2019. Posted on Oct 28, 2019

    16 Experiences Single People Had That Are Really Funny And Really Cringey

    Cuffing season is here.

    1. This person who shot their shot and completely missed:

    u/becaro122 / Via

    2. This gentleman who took this pretty young thing out to dinner:

    u/SavetheRobots5 / Via

    3. This person whose crush gave them this token of appreciation:

    u/sunny_boey / Via

    4. This person whose Tinder bio got straight to the point:

    u/spintobeaned / Via

    5. This person who didn't want to go to the movies alone:

    u/WinDough0 / Via

    6. This person who thought the best way to someone's heart was through SoundCloud:

    u/SuperKak3 / Via

    7. This person who had to make some changes to their tribute video on YouTube:

    u/TheMola-Mola / Via

    8. This person who was let down very politely:

    9. This person who flirted on Facebook and it backfired:

    r/sadcringe / Via

    10. This person who thought they had made their intentions very clear:

    u/Seb_04 / Via

    11. This person who got rejected on the bus in an unexpected way:

    u/NotNer0 / Via

    12. This person who confided in the users of Pornhub:

    u/WeabooDojo / Via

    13. This person who thought they'd scored someone's phone number:

    u/HardyHar420 / Via

    14. This person who got an accidental match on Tinder:

    u/nerdy112233 / Via

    15. This person who slid into a girl's DMs and regretted it:

    16. And finally, this person whose love life didn't go according to plan:

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