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Black Muslims Posted Selfies With The Hashtag #BlackOutEid To Celebrate Eid

So many fiery selfies.

Snapchat has been criticised for not being representative on its Eid-al-Fitr story. People said the story only seemed to include people celebrating Eid from Mecca and Dubai.

People expressed their disappointment with Snapchat on Twitter.

I honestly cannot stand that wack ass Eid story snapchat does every yr. No diversity in race or region. Straight propaganda. #BlackOutEid

@AlJannahh right! Apparently Black Muslims are nonexistent 🐸☕️

still don't see any black Muslims on the snapchat eid story ... #blackouteid

watching the Snapchat Ramadan story like....and then y'all wonder why #BlackoutEid was necessary.

Last year the hashtag #BlackOutEidwas used to spread selfies of people celebrating Eid. The hashtag was started by @krennylavitz, who told BuzzFeed last year she “wanted to see how other Black Muslims celebrated Eid”. This year it's being used to remind Snapchat that black Muslims exist.

Yet again, not one black Muslim on the Eid story on @snapchat 🤔 This is why we need #blackouteid

Soon the fiery selfies started rolling in. 🔥

blessings on blessings ✨ #EidMubarak #blackouteid

Check out these magic siblings.

Another one with the sister. #EidMubarak #BlackOutEid

This guy. 😍

👀 and this one.

Smile 😊 #EidMubarak #blackouteid

So much slay in one picture.

It's Eid! 🎉🎊🎉🎊 Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim folk. #blackouteid


Ya'll ready for part. 2? #EidMubarak #BlackOutEid

And this family totally killed it. 👌

When your Sudani family kills Eid 3 years in a row. #BlackOutEid